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Discover the best activities for families on the Île de Ré

You do not know how to make the most of your stay on the Île de Ré with your children? Villanovo have gathered for you some of the best activities to do as a family so that you do not get bored during your holidays.

Discover the best activities for families on the Île de Ré - Île de Ré

The beaches

They are part of the must-see of the Île de Ré, and are a good compromise for the whole family. Large children can enjoy sunbathing while reading on their towel, and the little ones can have fun in the water or on the sand. Many beaches offer nautical activities so do not hesitate to contact us if you need help organising the activity of your choice.

You can also consult our guide of the most beautiful beaches on the Île de Ré.

Mascots of the Island: donkeys

Parc de la Barbette, Entrance to the port 17410 Saint-Martin de Ré

First, the breed of Baudet du Poitou is one of the first breeds of donkeys to have been recognised in France. For a long time this race has been threatened with extinction, but today it is part of the treasures of the Île de Ré.

It should be known that these donkeys have always been used for farming, so if they were wearing "pants" it was not because of a question of style but rather because of necessity because to work in the marshes the legs of donkeys had to be protected from mosquitoes. From now on, it is possible to take walks in the landscapes of the Île de Ré on the back of these charming animals dressed in pants.

Discover nature

It is true that the Île de Ré is rich in exceptional natural spaces. This is an ideal destination for children who like to have fun in the great outdoors and discover the nature that surrounds them. One of the privileged means of discovering this nature of the Île de Ré is the bike, much used by locals.

You will find many companies that will offer you to rent bicycles and participate in excursions adapted to admire the beauty of the authentic landscape of the Île de Ré.

Discover the local culture

The Île de Ré has a very dense cultural heritage, so it will be easy for you to organise a day of visiting the main monuments of the island.

> Whale lighthouse (Saint-Clément-des-Baleines) It is a must if you spend a few days on the Île de Ré. You can admire the ocean, with the ribs on which the whales had run aground for years. Come experience this sensation of infinity with your children!

> Panoramic view from the bell tower of the church of Saint-Martin de Ré You will discover on top a pretty 360° view of the town of Saint-Martin de Ré where you can admire the houses, the charming port and the sea. To reach this view, you have to work for it! Prepare to climb the 200 steps of the bell tower, once at the top you will have to pay 2 € to reach the viewpoint. An effort will be rewarded with a nice family moment in front of an impressive view.

> Medieval market (The Fleet) For children who love adventure and history, this is the ideal tour! Discover the scents and flavours of another time. You can even taste the local specialties.

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