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Natural Spaces on the Île de Ré

Far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, the Île de Ré offers a lot of exceptional landscapes with dunes, sandy beaches, marshes, vineyards and nature reserves. Explore unique places full of character that make up the special charm of the Île de Ré.

Natural Spaces on the Île de Ré - Île de Ré

Nature Reserve of Lilleau des Niges

To the North of the Île de Ré, spread over 120 hectares and known for its salt marshes, is the natural reserve of Lilleau des Niges. It is home to many species of migratory birds, mainly from the Nordic countries. Visit the eco-museum dedicated to the history of the marshes which presents the trade of saunier and the ingenious system of feeding the basins.

This reserve will delight ornithological enthusiasts. Indeed, the Île de Ré is a place known for bird watching. Thus, a visit to this nature reserve will allow you to observe unique species.

You will not be in the heart of the reserve, but you will walk along the outline and enjoy an incredible view to see the fauna and flora that surround you.

Asinerie du Baudet of Poitou

Here donkeys, mules and horses all come together. They have long been threatened with extinction, but in the asinerie you will be able to admire these lovely and adorable animals more closely. Children especially enjoy this visit as they can touch the animals and see the natural living environment.

Opening hours:
> From April 1 to September 30: open everyday from 10am to noon and from 2pm to 6pm
> From 1 October to 31 October: open on Saturdays and Sundays and weekdays by reservation (except during the school holidays in zone A: daily from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm).
> From 6 November to 22 December: by reservation, the week (except during the school holidays in zone A: every day from 10am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 6pm).


Asinerie du Baudet of Poitou - Île de Ré

Marsh of Poitevin

You will be able to admire a wild and unpublished nature in the heart of these 10 hectares. You will have the opportunity to go for trips in boats, by bike or even on foot. Discover the fauna and the local flora in an exceptional setting, with family or friends!

Eco-museum of Maris Salant

Located in Loix, the Eco-museum introduces the history of saliculture and the salt marshes recreated through guided tours, the history of white gold that once was the wealth of the Île de Ré.

The whole salt tradition on the Île de Ré is unveiled in the museum before setting out to discover a salt marsh. Discover the technique of salt production, the functioning of a marsh and the flora and fauna of the marshes.

Eco-museum of Maris Salant - Île de Ré

The sandy beaches

With its 100km of coastline, the Île de Ré boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast. For swimming, the most popular beaches are to the South of the island (La Couarde-sur-Mer, Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré), protected from the prevailing winds.

While the wild and authentic beaches of the West (Saint-Clément), the whale conch attracts anglers and lovers of sports. Bordered by the forest of Lizay and the dunes, it is an ideal place for walking and swimming.

The vineyards on the Île de Ré

Vineyards are an essential part of the Île de Ré landscape, as they occupy a large part of the area. The wine industry was imported by the monks in the 12th century, who discovered that this destination, with a wide variety of soils and an ideal climate, had the ideal conditions for the exploitation of the vine.

Today, the vineyard and agriculture are closely linked because the harvests are for the production of wine. Among the products not to be missed: the Rosé des Dunes and Pineau Ilrhéa. Accompany the typical local cuisine with this drink that will leave a good taste in your mouth. And above all, admire the characteristic landscape of the vineyards and the care provided by the workers of the land.

The vineyards on the Île de Ré - Île de Ré

Explore the Île de Ré by bike

More than just a way of getting from A to B, the bike is privileged on the Île de Ré, it is the means of ecological transport. There is 110 kilometres of cycle paths connecting the 10 villages on the Île de Ré from North to South.

To explore the Île de Ré by bike is the best way to discover the richness of the resorts and the diversity of the landscapes.

Whatever your budget, your style (city bike, mountain bike, VTC, tandem, electric bike...), you will find a wide choice of bike rentals in different villages.

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