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With children

Because Essaouira competes with Marrakech when it is about family vacations, Villanovo presents you different activities you may want to do with your family in Essaouira.

The souks

Smaller, more tranquil and areated than the ones in Marrakech, the souks of Essaouira are very pleasant to see with children. With less stress, less tourists but an intense cultural wealth that remains, discover the local craft and treat yourself with memorable souvenirs of your trip in these authentic lands. Regarding the food to eat on the spot, you will find all sort of spices, fish or nuts… and do not hesitate to negotiate! You may have heard about it, negotiation is one of the most rooted traditions in the country.

The souks - Essaouira

A camel ride

An activity definitely not-to-be-missed and that your children will forever remember: the camel ride. While the camel is waiting for you laying down, have a sit and enjoy! Admire the beauty of the landscape, the brilliant reflection of the sun on the water and watch your kids have this unique experience they won’t forget. And the ride will be boundary-breaking for you too! To forget about the daily life, what’s better than such an excursion? Whether you spontaneously choose a local who offers his services or that you prefer to ask to a private agency, know that these rides can vary from some minutes to more than an hour. Our only tip is to not fall for way too long tours that get the animals tired, which would be bad for the camel and thus, for you too. 


Quad in the dunes

Well, the activity is not for kids under 10. But, if your children are old enough, it is really worth it. Choose your pass (usually between 2 and 3 hours) and let yourself be guided by professionals, we bet you’ll want more! A good address? Diana Quad, a familial company which will welcome you warmly and which promises a unique experience in all safety with the best professionals. Thanks to their experience of locals, you will discover the most authentic corners of Morocco and will get the feeling not to visit, but to truly live your stay. Success among children guaranteed! 

Quad in the dunes - Essaouira

Try some specialties

If all these activities opened your appetite, try the local specialties in the country! Among them, the famous mint tea, that you can taste in almost all places within the city, whether they are traditional or very luxurious such as the Heure Bleue. And because holidays were made to treat yourself, why not have an oriental pastry with your tea? There are plentiful addresses where you will find this kind of local pastries, but to name only one, know that Maâlem Driss is particularly reputed. Walk, admire, taste, you won’t regret it.

Admire the view from Skala of Port and Skala of the Kasbah

Formerly used to protect the city thanks to ramparts equipped with canons, the skalas of Essaouira contribute today to its cultural wealth. Do not hesitate to go there to see the amazing wall and above all, going in for the fantastic point of view. Free for children, adults will have to pay 10DH to go in but the tour is worth it as the whole family will enjoy these breathtaking views while learning about the history of the city.

Admire the view from Skala of Port and Skala of the Kasbah - Essaouira

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