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Cultural places in Essaouira

If for you, a stay in Essaouira does not go without the discovery of the main cultural places, do not miss our selection of museums and traditional art galleries, in order to immerse yourself fully in the oriental culture.

The Jewish cemetery

With a significative Jewish community, it is not surprising that the city of Essaouira pays tribute to its disappeared loved ones. Impressive cultural place, and if it can be hard to highlight the qualities of such a place, the latter is nevertheless clean, well-maintained, a place of prayers made in absolute calm. Also a historical site as it is the place where a chief rabbi now rests, the place reflects a restful harmony between the different communities inside the city. With a tumultuous religious past, Moroccan people as a whole show respect for all beliefs, which is soothing to see as an outsider. The place will thus convince people who love places of memory where respect and silence are golden.

Location: Av Molay Hicham & Av. Ghazouat Badr

The Jewish cemetery - Essaouira

The synagogue Slat Lkahal

Located in the former Jewish neighborhood, the synagogue which was destructed back then finally got the support of UNESCO in 2012, which led to a restoration described as “the expression of a will of protection of this universal heritage as a whole”. Still challenging today, its renovation is not full but allowed the place to get back its spiritual grandeur. Unusual and charming, the synagogue today testifies of the successful living together between Jewish and Muslim communities, and of a deep will to give up the conflicts of the past. 

Location: 119 Rue du Mellah

Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah museum

Named according to the sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdellah, the museum first was a stately home, hosted then municipal services to finally become a house for the youngs, before reaching its current function: the museum of the city. As a symbolic cultural place, you will find there the history of Essaouira and its region from prehistoric, antique and medieval times until the foundation of its current medina in the XVIIIe century by the sultan. Thanks to photographies and an exhibition of jewelry, costumes and carpets, among others, the museum will immerse yourself in the local culture without a doubt. Also true masterpiece of architecture thanks to its wonderful traditional stairs, the museum does not only seduce history lovers, but the ones who are sensible to beauty under all its forms as well.

Location: Rue Laalouj Derb

Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah museum - Essaouira

The art gallery Damgaard

Located in a sumptuous former warehouse, in the heart of the medina, facing the clock of Essaouira, the at gallery Damgaard presents local painters and sculptors. Paradise of art lovers, it allows a wide collection of various local artists. Having made famous several personalities such as the painter Tabal, the gallery can be proud of its influence in the area of art. Intriguing each year tourists since 1988, it is a mix of Arabic, Berber and African cultures that are waiting for you in this place of traditional charm. Paintings, sculptures, furnitures… all types of colorful pieces can be found there. Even kids will love it! Open from 9 to 1 and 3 to 7 everyday, do not miss this must-see in Essaouira. 

Location: ​Avenue Oqba Ibn Nafiaa

Gallery la Kasbah

Settled in a magnificent Riad, Kasbah gallery invites visitors for free tours and pieces of quality. Described as a trustful place for visitors, you an even do your shopping on the spot and come back home with a painting under the arm! Potteries, paintings, carpets are some of the works of artists to discover in this building of sumptuous architecture. Enjoy the view from the roof to contemplate Essaouira, and from the inside to explore the soul of its artists. The place promises an authentic immersion for visitors who are curious and keen to know more regarding Moroccan art.

Location: 4 Rue de Tetouan

Gallery la Kasbah - Essaouira

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