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4 Good Reasons to travel to Morocco for your next holiday

Written on : 23 December 2022
4 Good Reasons to travel to Morocco for your next holiday

Only a few hours by plane from Paris, Morocco is a country that has many things to offer and discover. The richness of its history, culture, traditions and gastronomy will seduce you. You are sure to be taken by surprise and enjoy a dream stay in a luxury villa.

Are you still hesitating? Here are 4 good reasons to visit Morocco.

1- To taste the local gastronomy

1- To taste the local gastronomy

A real must during your visit, the gastronomy is as varied as it is delicious. It draws its influences from the Berbers, Spain and the African continent in general. You can taste tagines of all kinds: egg, vegetable, lamb or chicken tajines or a couscous prepared by the best local chefs.

After the meal, enjoy pastries and mint tea, a symbol of Moroccan hospitality. If you want to make your stay last longer, take some pastries home with you. Here are our top pastry shops in Morocco, selected by Riad, our local guide:

  • The pastry shop of the Princes, in Marrakech
  • The Amoud pastry shop in Casablanca
  • The Amandine pastry shop in Marrakech
  • The Gatô pastry shop, in Marrakech
  • The Saveurs d'Orient pastry in Marrakech and Casablanca
  • Mirgon pastry shop, in Marrakech 
  • The Kawtar bakery-pastry shop in Marrakech
  • The Rouge Vanille pastry shop, in Marrakech

2- To discover the wonders of Moroccan heritage

2- To discover the wonders of Moroccan heritage

The first traces of human life in Morocco are very old and have not stopped building throughout the centuries, as if to testify to their presence. Thus, the country is full of mosques, gardens and palaces, each more impressive than the next.

Take a tour of the Medina of Fez, the oldest in the world: classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also the largest. In Marrakech, visit the Bahia Palace and the Medersa Ben Youssef, whose architecture and decorative details will leave you speechless. Walk in Yves Saint Laurent's footsteps and take a walk at the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech or discover the palm trees of the Jardin de la Mendoubia in Tangier

A must during your stay, Morocco's heritage will transport you through the history of Morocco from one visit to the next.

3- For the many activities offered by the country

3- For the many activities offered by the country

Morocco is a country with diverse and varied landscapes: desert, mountains, plains, coasts... Thus, there are activities for all tastes: whether you are sporty, adventurous or rather a lover of relaxation and comfort, you will find something for you. 

Fans of beautiful landscapes and sunrises will be delighted after a hot air balloon ride at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Those who like to travel quietly and admire the scenery will enjoy camel or dromedary rides, followed by mint tea. Those who love thrills will prefer to ride down the desert dunes on a sandboard or cross the desert in a buggy.  

With family or friends, all you have to do is choose!

4- To shop in the souks

4- To shop in the souks

To go to Morocco without going to the souks, is it really to visit Morocco? Many will answer that the spirit and culture of the country resides in the souks. 

You will discover the true Moroccan craftsmanship, for which the work of clay or leather has no secrets: admire tagine dishes, vases, slippers, belts, etc.. In the Smata souk, in Marrakech, you will probably find your happiness.

Are you a fan of gastronomy and spices? The souk is the place where the locals get their basic products, essential to Moroccan cuisine. You will find spices in huge bags or olives and almonds sold by kilos.

Go for it, but beware of scams, there are many of them there! Browse our souks negotiation guide to make sure you're only getting good deals.

Convinced? Plan your next holiday in Morocco and choose a luxury accommodation for your stay.