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5 Best places to celebrate new year’s eve around the world (for party lovers!)

Written on : 27 November 2018
By : Jeanne Ulhaq

Ah, New Year’s Eve… If the event often requires a great organization, especially when it comes to hang out with friends, it is also one of the most pleasant. After Christmas’ madness and before the come-back to reality, it is normal to treat yourself one last time on the 31th, with the people you love. If you haven’t picked the destination to enjoy the party, Villanovo invites you to discover the 5 best places in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

1) Koh Phangan - Thailand

1) Koh Phangan - Thailand

If you have probably heard about the very famous Full Moon Party which takes place once per month when the moon is full on the island of Koh Phangan, this event is considered as one of the best in the world, especially on the 31 December. First of all, it is where tourists from all around the world meet to attend various animations including fire shows, light games and fluorescent make-up, in an amazing environment with great temperatures. All night long, locals and visitors dance on a huge beach and celebrate New Year’s Eve just like it should be. The only constraints are: if you want to join, you must be there early and be careful. Have very few money on yourself and watch out your drink. Partying, sure, but in all safety! At last, no need to precise the place is not for kids or agoraphobic people, as the spot is very reputed.

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2) Cape Town - South Africa

The 31th December, in Cape Town, it is the whole tourist site Victoria & Alfred Waterfront that get animated. Very popular among luxury travelers, the center provides various bars, restaurants, concerts, dance shows and fireworks. All is there to make you have a spectacular moment that satisfy all your expectations. But it isn’t all there is! Even bigger, an important even also takes place there each 2 January. This precise date, which used to be the day of the (relative) celebration of New Year’s Eve for black slaves at the time. Today, this date is being used to celebrate freedom and remember the segregationist past through Cape Town Minstrels Carnival. There, shows and street parties are available to you with folk and latino music to dance on. A must-see!

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3) Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Why celebrating the holiday season in the cold when one can escape under the sun of Brazil? This year, fly to Rio de Janeiro! Known for its colors, its exceptional dancers and its bright sun, Brazil is a great destination for parties.  On Copacabana beach or palace, enjoy high temperatures, the exotism of the destination, extraordinary fireworks and excellent champagne! The plus: Each year, there are thousands of people respecting the tradition, throwing in the ocean gifts such as roses and fragrance, for the Afro-Brazilian Goddess of the sea Yemanja. Do not miss the show and immerse yourself fully in the latino lands by celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rio!

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4) Barcelona - Spain

European city well-known for its constant street animation, its climate is one of the most pleasant, even in january. Without having to fly to another continent, having New Year’s Eve time in Barcelona is an excellent way to enjoy a great party without spending too much. With a great amount of European tourists each year, it is in a common enthusiast that the Catalan capital celebrates this event in Plaça Espanya or Plaça Catalunya, 2 must-see in the city.If you want to avoid tourist places, it will also be possible to discover more local bars, where there is no doubt the party will amaze you until dawn, as it is traditional in Spain. In sum, a close destination with an amazing festive spirit!

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5) New York - United States of America

And this top ends up with one of the most popular destination in the world: New York. Although it is quite cliché to advise to have this day of the year in Times Square, it would be even more a pity to miss it! Each year, on the 31th December, the most famous roundabout in the world provides a typical American show. Since more than a century, the crowd counts together the last seconds before midnight, while a huge crystal ball goes down the One Times Square building… As a American tradition, tourists cannot miss this event between shower of confetti and shouts of joy. An extraordinary experience, in line with the image of the country. Thrills guaranteed!

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