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A groundbreaking experience: swimming with sharks in Cape Town

Written on : 12 October 2018
By : Jeanne Ulhaq
A groundbreaking experience: swimming with sharks in Cape Town

Constantly thrill seeking, your adventurer’s soul pushes you to extend your boundaries? Villanovo offers you a unique shivering experience: swimming with the great white sharks in Cape Town in South Africa. Indeed, this luxury destination is part of the only one providing this unusual activity which will please both nature lovers and diving enthusiasts. Share a unique moment in company of some of the world’s most mythical animals.

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Diving in South Africa

Thanks to numerous diving spots ranging from easy and low depth to more technical places, South Africa is a dream destination regarding the exploration of marine depths. Boat dive, wreck diving or sea lion meeting, there is one for everyone’s taste, but the main attraction remains diving with the sharks. Decide to meet these animals that we talk so much about is also about discovering an incredible marine fauna and flora from which biodiversity is protected, because of the threatened species that one can find there. Thus, snorkeling will perfectly suit the ones who do not want to adventure themselves in the ocean depths, but who still would like to benefit from an overview of the local treasures. To try without hesitating!

Boat tour

First and foremost, it is important to know that, whether you wish to swim with sharks or not, the boat tour that will bring you to Gansbaai is worth the trip. Lasting around 2h30 from Cape Town, you will be amazed by this impressive sea excursion where you will admire magnificent bays and coves while leaving the port. It is only after this relaxing moment that you will find yourself in the best place in the world to swim with the great white sharks: Shark Alley. For those who prefer to stay on boat, know that you will be able to admire these creatures from the boat, which makes it a unique and fascinating experience for all. 

How does it work?

From the moment you land to the Shark Alley, the cage in which you will swim is being put under water. The staff prepares then a paste made of fish and tuna oil which will be then throw to water to bait the shark. When this latter decides to come, you will enter the cage (at less than 3 meters of depth), dressed with an appropriate wetsuit which will protect you from low temperatures of the water, around 14°C. In order to make you see the animal from close, the professionals will move the food close to the cage, which will allow you to have a unique moment with the animal.  

The risks

Worried, you believe it is too risky? Well, it isn’t. Although the activity is scary because of the controversial image of the shark spread in the media, this latter is harmless when he does not feel attacked. You are thus right to trust the professionals, which practice it daily and take no useless risks. Of course, it is impossible for the shark to enter the cage and the team on the boat is ready to react at any moment. You can thus enjoy fully this activity! Also, know that the season starts from April and ends in November, June being the best moment of the year for it. At last, if the activity does not reassure you or that your kids are under 12 and thus cannot participate, here are some other activities you might want to have a look at! The important part being that you enjoy your vacations at best, and in all tranquility.