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Holidays at the sea: discover the essential water activity, snorkelling

Written on : 26 September 2017
How and where is snorkelling practiced?

How and where is snorkelling practiced?

Rent a villa by the sea, it is a unique opportunity to recharge and enjoy the sea landscapes that are available to you. Have you ever dreamed of admiring the beauties of the seabed (corals, fish...) with family or friends, while enjoying the benefits of an activity at sea? If so, then do not hesitate any more and discover snorkelling, the water activity associated with holidays by the sea!

It is a leisure activity consisting of observing the seabed by swimming on the surface of the water that is both calm and shallow. In France, for example, the best snorkelling spots are in the Mediterranean Sea and in Brittany. In order to have a better chance of seeing the fauna, it is recommended to swim near the rocks, because the fauna and the submarine flora are more present there. For many reasons, snorkelling is one of the must-do aquatic activities. It is thus proposed by many seaside resorts that provide you with guides and boats.

It is also an environmentally friendly and fun activity. You will learn how to recognise the different underwater species. You will simply need to equip yourself with a simple PMT kit: fins, mask and snorkel. It is quite possible also during a session to try to apnea by alternating the phases at the surface and underwater.

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Why practice snorkelling?

Why practice snorkelling?

The walking tour is very popular with tourists, this is explained by its simplicity of access and the advantages that it brings. It allows you to learn all about marine biology, to discover new landscapes, all with family or friends.

Snorkelling is also a stepping stone to other underwater activities, such as scuba diving or  spearfishing. Financially, it is the most accessible aquatic leisure activity!

It is possible to get into the water with very basic equipment, moreover, no need to be a great swimmer or a great athlete or even to follow special training for snorkelling. Just know how to move with fins and use the various accessories of the PMT kit.

Besides the accessibility, this activity allows you to practice a sporting activity while enjoying the benefits of swimming in sea water. Accessible, playful, respectful and inexpensive, a walking tour is the ideal activity to practice before launching into the great underwater world! It may be interesting to go on holiday to the sea, to learn about the underwater flora and fauna of the destination where you go, via books dedicated to snorkelling or directly on the web.

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How to equip before getting into the water?

How to equip before getting into the water?

The snorkeler's equipment to contemplate the seabed is simple and basic compared to other aquatic activities.

It is quite conceivable to go into the water with only a PMT kit, but for more comfort and safety, it is advisable to possess other equipment. Thus, basic snorkelling equipment, whether for children or for adults, consists of:
> a mask (with a silicone skirt and a wide field of vision) to see clearly underwater and prevent water from getting in contact with the eyes
> a snorkel (with valve), to breathe on the surface while keeping the head underwater
> flippers (with medium-sized wings) to move faster.
In addition, to protect oneself from the cold and to observe the seabed for a longer time, the snorkeler is equipped with thermal protection, namely a neoprene suit or lycra (rashguard), the choice is according to the destination, the snorkelling duration and the water temperature.

In terms of safety at sea, the snorkeler has to be visible to other users of the sea. To do this, it is sufficient to own a snorkelling buoy or a dive tag. No need to go to the aquarium to watch the fish! The numerous snorkelling spots around the world will allow you to meet different underwater species, to familiarise yourself with the marine world, but above all to share a pleasant moment with your loved ones, big and small!

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