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Seabob in Mauritius

In the heart of Mauritius, in Grand Baie, is a diving centre, a little more original than the others. It is the diving centre affiliated to the new water craft: the Seabob.

Come and experience this unique experience with Villanovo: move in the water with the agility of a real fish. With a simple mask, you can walk the seabed and observe the magnificent fish of Mauritius.
Villanovo can help you organise this unique and fun experience! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Seabob in Mauritius - Mauritius

What is a Seabob?

A seabob is the result of meticulous manual manufacture that combines advanced technology and ingenuity. With seawater-resistant materials, the seabob is a torpedo-shaped device that allows you to travel at a high speed on the water but also underneath it.

With its dashboard, you can control your speed at any time, but also check the important technical data.

The Seabob Experience

Discover the paradisiac waters of Mauritius, installed on your submersible aircraft. Equipped with a mask, you can admire the beauty of the depths at your leisure, all with the grace of a dolphin. However, you can choose the speed of your choice, whether it is cruise, sports or diving.

Forget the limits, as this device is easy to use! Silent but powerful, you will be able to cross the paradisiacal waters of Mauritius for more sensations, and have an unique experience with a very modern aircraft.

The device has a certain power, so it is not advisable for children under the age of 16 to drive it.

Seabob (High Bitrate) from PR Nautica on Vimeo.

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