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Watersports in Mauritius

Watersports in Mauritius are very popular with both locals and holidaymakers. Due to the warm weather all year round, Mauritius is the perfect place for lovers of offshore activities to go. You can practice pretty much every water sport here from kitesurfing to waterskiing, surfing to scuba diving. Villanovo can help you to book lessons and organise your day so feel free to get in contact with us - we'd be happy to help!

Watersports in Mauritius - Mauritius

Stand Up Paddle

Mauritian lagoons invite you to kayak or Stand Up Paddle (SUP) on their clear waters, along mangroves or up the bed of tropical rivers. Tamarin Bay, on the West coast of the island, is the ideal location to practice this sport. Discover the unique wilderness and the beauty of the islanda from your Stand Up Paddle (SUP). You can also take an excursion during the evening to watch the sun setting on the horizon. Many different excursions are proposed. For more details check out this link here.


Experience the thrill of sailing on the beautiful Indian Ocean. There are opportunities to go sailing from most coastal areas in Mauritius. The crystalline waters of the ocean and the gentle breeze make for a satisfying experience. There are various cruising vessels to take you into the heart of the Indian Ocean, so what are you waiting for....just sail away! Head to Mont Choisy to create some unforgettable memories. You can receive lessons here, for more details just click on this link. Villanovo can help you to organise them so get in touch.

Sailing - Mauritius


One of the most popular water sports in Mauritius, water-skiing gives you an adrenaline rush and is best off the North of the island as the lagoon provides protection from the big waves in the open sea. Check out this amazing experience below!


With 93 miles of coastline, there are plenty of areas to go surfing off the island of Mauritius. Catch some waves at Tamarin Bay, ideal for all abilities. Another popular spot is 'One Eye' situated in the South West of the island. It has been named this because when a surfer is in the ideal position to catch the perfect wave they can see a small hole, or 'eye', in which they can see the rock face of Le Morne Brabant. Lessons can be given on the island and Villanovo can help you to organise them. For more details check out this link.

Surfing - Mauritius


Go on a kayaking trip to relax and enjoy the beauty of the lagoons with friends and family. Paddle through the water and discover the islets and bright sandy beaches that surround Mauritius. Explore the mangroves and exotic pathways, soaking up the peace and quiet of the island. There are numerous trips that can be organised for you with kayak rental too. For more details you can check out this link.


Go kitesurfing at the best spot on the whole island - ‘One Eye’ and experience the thrill of this popular water sport. Situated at Le Morne off the South West coast, this spot is the most picturesque and safest on the island. The best time to go kitesurfing is during the island's winter and you can even receive lessons on the island. Kitezone offer lessons to all levels so the whole family can enjoy this activity. Here are the locations of some of the best schools around the island:
> On the South West coast at Le Morne - most schools are found here
> Close to Grand Baie at Anse La Raie in the North East
> Poste Lafayette, Palmar next to Belle Mare on the East coast
> Bel Ombre in the South

Kitesurfing - Mauritius


Parasailing offers the most breathtaking view from above and gives the most adventurous that adrenaline rush that they seek. Discover the lagoons, the cities and towns, and the beautiful beaches from the sky and see Mauritius like you've never seen it before. Choose to parasail over Grand Baie, Belle Mare, and Île aux Cerfs for views that will be unforgettable - memories to last a lifetime!

Scuba Diving

Immerse yourself on an underwater adventure and experience scuba diving off the island of Mauritius. Explore the colourful seabed and discover the beauty of what lies underneath the ocean’s surface. Diving can be done all around the island, although the North and West coasts are the best. There are 200 coral species and more than 430 marine species to be sighted underwater around the island of Mauritius. The island is completely surrounded by a barrier reef so there is shallow water for beginners. Off the North coast sunken ships can be found and from the West, deep caves, home to coral and lots of fish, can be explored - ideal for underwater photographs.

Scuba Diving - Mauritius


Take a trip to Belle Mare where the wind is great for windsurfing. Le Morne is also ideal for this exciting sport. It is also possible to hire equipment out and receive lessons at affordable prices. For more information check out this link.


Snorkeling in Mauritius invites you on an underwater adventure where you can see the beauty of the seabed and all the ocean's inhabitants. Get yourself a snorkeling kit and head to Blue Bay Marine Park in the South of the island, famous for its snorkeling excursions. Here are some of the most popular spots on the island:
> Trou aux Biches in the North West
> Flic en Flac and le Morne in the West
> Blue Bay Marine Park in the South East
> Belle Mare and Isle aux Cerfs in the East 

Snorkeling - Mauritius

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