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Sporting Activities in Mauritius

Are you more the sporty type? Our activity guide shows you 10 sporting activities you can do on the island of Mauritius from parasailing to kayaking, fishing to mountain biking, there really is something for everyone to get involved in! Villanovo can help you to organise these activities so you can make a day of it, just get in contact and leave us to do all the hard work.

Sporting Activities in Mauritius - Mauritius

9. Kayaking

In order to fully relax and appreciate the exquisite beauty of this island, go on a kayaking trip with friends and family. You can float along the water, exploring the islets and bright sandy beaches that surround the island of Mauritius. Be sure to take a tour around the mangroves and exotic pathways, at your own pace, soaking up the peace and quiet of the island. Villanovo can help you to choose from the numerous trips that can be organised for you, with kayak rental too, so feel free to get in touch for more information if this is of interest to you. For more details you can check out this link.

8. Fishing

Try your hand at a spot of fishing whilst on a trip to Mauritius. Depending on the season that you go, tuna, marlin, swordfish, skipjack, barracuda, and sharks can all be caught when out at sea. Fishing plays an important part in the everyday life of Mauritians whether it is for selling in the local markets or taking home for a family meal. The best spots on the island for fishing are listed below.
> North Coast: Grand Baie / Grand Gaube
> West Coast: Black River
> South Coast: Le Morne
> South East Coast: Grand River / Mahébourg
> East Coast: Trou d'eau douce

8. Fishing - Mauritius

7. Windsurfing

If you want to try windsurfing you should visit Belle Mare as the wind here is great for this activity. In the South West, Le Morne is also an ideal destination for this exciting sport. If you need to, there is an opportunity to hire equipment at whichever site you choose to go to and you can even receive lessons at affordable prices. For more information check out this link.

6. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is becoming more and more popular around the world and a trip to Mauritius cannot be complete without an underwater adventure off the coast of the island. Discover the beauty that lies beneath the surface of the ocean and see the colourful seabed and beautiful fish that live there. It is possible to go scuba diving all around the island, however the North and West coasts give the best experiences. There are around 200 species of coral and more than 430 marine species to be seen underwater around the island of Mauritius. There is shallow water for beginners because the island is completely surrounded by a barrier reef so this is ideal for families with children. If you choose to go diving off the North coast, you can find sunken ships from the islands past and if you go in the West, you can explore deep caves that are home to coral and lots of fish, the ideal location for capturing underwater photographs.

6. Scuba Diving - Mauritius

5. Biking

Go mountain biking for an adrenaline filled adventure with some glorious views of the island. Crossing different terrains, this activity will really put you in touch with nature and the fresh air. Take a look at what you can expect below.

4. Kitesurfing

If you are a fan of kitesurfing, we recommend that you go to the best spot on the whole island - ‘One Eye’ - in order to fully experience the thrill of this popular water sport. In the South West coast, at Le Morne, this spot is the safest on the whole island and is considered to be the most beautiful. During the island's winter is the best time of year to do this activity and, if you wish, you can even get lessons on the island. The whole family can have fun with this activity as Kitezone offer lessons to all levels of ability. Here are the locations of some of the best schools around the island:
> Close to Grand Baie at Anse La Raie in the North East
> Poste Lafayette, Palmar next to Belle Mare on the East coast
> Bel Ombre in the South
> On the South West coast at Le Morne - most schools are found here

4. Kitesurfing - Mauritius

3. Parasailing

Do you want to experience the most breathtaking view from the air? Go parasailing and feel the adrenaline rush that even the most adventurous seek. From the sky you will be able to see the beautiful beaches, the towns and cities, and the lagoons and see Mauritius like you've never seen it before. You can opt to parasail over Île aux Cerfs, Belle Mare, or Grand Baie to experience views that you will never forget and make memories to last a lifetime!

2. Golf

The most popular sport in Mauritius, golf lovers around the world come to the island to test their skills and accuracy on the many courses. Voted ‘Golf Destination of the Year’ for Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Gulf States in 2016, Mauritius is a paradise for golf lovers. The island offers exciting golfing experiences in beautiful and natural places, on courses designed by golfing legends such as Ernie Els and David Leadbetter. No matter the ability, golf enthusiasts are sure to be delighted here. Villanovo can help you to organise golfing excursions for your trip to Mauritius.

18-hole golf courses:

Gymkhana Club 
Tamarina Golf CLub 
Paradis Golf Club 
Heritage Golf Bel Ombre
Avalon Golf Estate 
- Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius at Anahita 
L'Île Aux Cerfs Golf Club 
- Links Golf Course
Legend Golf Course 

2. Golf - Mauritius

1. Water-skiing

Over time, water-skiing has become one of the most popular watersports in Mauritius as it gives you an adrenaline rush. It is best to practice this activity off the North of the island because the lagoon serves to provide protection from the big waves in the open sea. Check out this amazing experience below!


10. Surfing

Mauritius has been blessed with 93 miles of coastline which means that there are plenty of areas to go surfing off the island. Tamarin Bay, on the West coast, is perfect for all levels of ability. In the South West of the island near Le Morne, you can catch some waves at 'One Eye' - the most popular spot on the island. It has been given this name because when a surfer is in the perfect position to catch the perfect wave they can see a small hole, or 'eye', in which they can see the rock face of the 556 metre tall mountain, Le Morne Brabant. You can be given lessons on the island and Villanovo can help you to organise them if this interests you. For more details check out this link.

10. Surfing - Mauritius

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