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Things to do and not to do in Mauritius

Are you going for a dream holiday in a sublime villa on the island of Mauritius? It is important that you know some of the local customs and forms of politeness.

Things to do and not to do in Mauritius - Mauritius

What has to be done

> You always have to take off your shoes before going back to the mosques and the Hindu temples. A must in Hindu temples: avoid wearing leather goods, because religion forbids accessories to be worn inside sacred places that are made from cows, which is a sacred animal.

> If you are invited to a Mauritians house, it is customary to offer your host a good bottle of wine or whisky.

What you should not do

> A woman sunbathing without a top half on is very badly seen in Mauritius, so reserve this activity for the privacy of your private swimming pool but not on the beach.

> Do not smoke in public places because of a law passed in 2009 on the island of a thousand beauties.

> When visiting temples and mosques, avoid short and light clothing. Prefer especially long clothes, which cover the legs and shoulders.

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