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Common Questions: Where is Mauritius?

Villanovo have compiled a list of your common questions about Mauritius and have answered them to give you more information about the island. Here you can find answers to questions like where is Mauritius? and where is Mauritius located on the world map?

Common Questions: Where is Mauritius? - Mauritius

Where is the island of Mauritius located on the world map?

The island of Mauritius is located in the Southwest part of the Indian Ocean and can be found North of the Tropic of Capricorn. The island lies approximately 885km to the East of Madagascar; around 2,400km to the Southeast of Mainland Africa; and 3,900km to the Southwest of India. Mauritius is around 65km in length and 45km in width.

Where is Mauritius?
Location of Mauritius Island in the world and in Africa

Is Mauritius developed or still developing?

Although many parts of the island have developed significantly over time, Mauritius is still considered to be a country that is still developing. In the smaller towns and villages on the island, infrastructure still needs a lot of work to be at the standard of some more developed countries.

Is Mauritius an African country?

Mauritius became an independent country from Britain on the 12th March 1968. The island then became a Republic on the 12th March 1992. Although Mauritius is an independent country, the island is considered to be an African country in terms of its geographic location.

Where is located Mauritius?

Location of Mauritius in Africa

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