An atypical stay in Sri Lanka

Written on : 23 November 2017

Gastronomy, activities and luxury

Enjoy a typical stay in Sri Lanka by simply indulging in fun and unusual activities on this majestic island in South-East India. Tastings of unusual dishes, wonderful walks, wildlife discoveries, are the activities that await you during your vacation in Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lankan gastronomy

If Sri Lanka is distinguished by its exotic landscapes and its postcard tunes, the island also fascinates by its unusual gastronomy which seduces more and more vacationers each year. Do not hesitate to try the tasty traditional dishes that speak volumes about Sri Lankan culture.

Particularly spicy, Sri Lankan gastronomy adds a little spice to your holidays! Accompanying various dishes, rice and curry is obviously part of the best local specialties of Sri Lanka. You can accompany it with mashed lentils, sweet potatoes, cooked vegetables...

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The original activities

And if Sri Lankan cuisine will delight lovers of spicy flavours, the hikers will be happy to indulge in some unusual tours during their holidays. The ascent of the majestic peak of Adam is absolutely to be done. Preaching at over 2,200 metres above sea level, it offers a panoramic view of the thick forest beautifying the valley.

And if you want to witness the nesting of sea turtles, prefer to rent villas in the South of the island, such as Rekawa or Kosgoda where you can attend the annual laying of the green turtle, parrot and lute.

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The typical villas of Sri Lanka

Want to rest a little after swimming? Why not take advantage of your rental villa that also invites you to relax with its typical Sri Lankan architecture!

It is at the edge of the sea, in the shade of palm trees and hidden from view that you will have a pleasant time with family or friends. By opting for the rental of a spacious villa, overlooking the sea or a beautiful exotic garden, you can also indulge in all your favourite activities and have a wonderful stay in Sri Lanka.

However, if this little guide was not enough for you and you want a tailor-made trip to Sri Lanka, we advise you to find out about the many travel and testimonial blogs.

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