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Gastronomy in Sri Lanka

With its colourful cuisine, exquisite smell and exotic flavour, Sri Lanka really has something to impress visitors. During your trip to this beautiful island embellishing the south-east of India, taste its original and succulent specialties. Celebrate the grandeur of Sri Lankan gastronomy through its dishes rich in aromatic herbs and spices.

Gastronomy in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's flagship dishes

Sri Lankans are celebrating spices such as curry, rice and coconut in their recipes. You will often find these ingredients in the most popular culinary specialties of Sri Lanka. Prepare your taste buds for a festival of exotic flavours and attractive colours.
Without much surprises, the dish that Sri Lankans love most is the famous "rice and curry". You can add some vegetables, fish or meat to this tasty specialty. The other symbol of the gastronomy of Sri Lanka is illustrated by the Biryani. Once again, very spicy, this recipe is based on rice, herbs, meat and a hard-boiled egg.
Apart from these two emblematic dishes, the Sri Lankans eat a lot of "patties". Sometimes eaten in snacks or accompanying main dishes, these vegetable fritters or lentils are also very spicy.

Desserts with exotic perfume

Sri Lankan desserts take you to an exotic world in the same way as their national dishes. In the list of the most popular desserts, the Wattalappam is unanimous. This caramel cream brings together coconut milk, cardamom, egg and sugar from Jaggery. On the same level, Buffalocurd, a buffalo milk yoghurt with syrup of the kitul palm, pleases just as much.
Faithful to their love for rice and coconut milk, Sri Lankans have taken these ingredients to create sweet desserts. This is the case of Aluwa and Kiribath. The first represents a pastry made from rice flour, cashew nuts and molasses. As for the second, it marries wonderfully a cake of rice and coconut milk.

Desserts with exotic perfume - Sri Lanka

Drinks with a unique taste

As you can see, the Sri Lankans are very eager to point out their culinary originality, even in drinks. Ceylon tea makes the notoriety of the island with the Toddy, an alcoholic drink based on coconut. For a successful aperitif in Sri Lanka, take a bottle of Arrack, a drink from Toddy.

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