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Culture and Tradition in Sri Lanka

A change of scenery and authenticity are guaranteed in Sri Lanka, the so-called tear of India. The island lives with its centuries-old traditions that surprise and amaze sometimes, but which forge the identity of the country. And you will soon enjoy discovering this destination with indefinable charm and character. Here is a look at the culture, the traditions and customs to respect in order to experience the magic of a trip to Sri Lanka.

Culture and Tradition in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan culture and gastronomy

Sri Lanka is a very rich country from a cultural point of view. It is in the course of the circuits combining its flagship cities that visitors will be able to soak up the best of this exceptional culture. Sri Lanka is a multicultural society, and the inhabitants are very tolerant of the involuntary blunders of newcomers who do not yet know the local traditions at their fingertips. However, some simple rules must be respected, such as always remaining properly clothed or giving or receiving with the right hand.

In this country, it is not surprising to find a very intense level of activity, both cultural and festive events. The peak of the tourist season coincides with important events, such as the Galle Literary Festival, which brings together Asian and European writers for five days during the second half of January. Very famous, this event attracts great names in literature.

The "rice and curry" is the national dish of the country. It is a particularly spicy recipe that is always presented on the Sri Lankan table accompanied by several small dishes. The latter, concocted with love and passion, are seasoned with "sambol" (coconut grated and spiced), "papadoms" (galettes) and chutneys (jams of spiced fruits). The national drink is obviously tea. It is very strong, very sweet, with or without milk.

Traditions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan traditions revolve around two dominant religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Catholicism and Islam are also present. The Sri Lankans favour tolerance and it is not unusual to see these four religions gathered together on the same pilgrimage site. In this country in the heart of Asia, it is customary to visit temples, whatever they are, with bare feet. Even visitors must comply. The tradition is to buy flowers at the entrance of the temples to make offerings. For the Sri Lankans, the image of Buddha is sacred. It is therefore forbidden to take a picture of a Buddha representation. The same is true of Buddhist monks.

Traditions in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka

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