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Broaden your horizons in Southern Corsica

Written on : 03 October 2019
By : Colombe Taddei

Let’s head to southern Corsia, France’s sacred and protected jewel. Renowned for its beaches and bohemian luxury atmosphere, Corsica is the gift that keeps on giving. Over 3 million tourists annually appreciate discovering what the beautiful region has to offer.Whether you are traveling with friends or family, you will be seduced by the numerous tourists services available in the area, which range from all sorts of water activities to trekking without forgetting sightseeing in historical sites such as Bonifacio.

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Lavezzi Islands, Corsican paradise

Lavezzi Islands, Corsican paradise

These breathtaking 23 islands, sometimes referred to as “ the Seychelles of the Mediterranean”, situated in the South East of Corsica, form an archipelago of over 4 kilometres in the Mediterean sea, though nowadays, part of it has restricted entry to protect the rare fauna and flora. These can be accessed by ferry fromBonifacio, just a short 20 minute ride away, with departures every half an hour, or on a private boat for those who wish to contemplate the beauty of this miniature paradise of sandy creeks serenely. No matter the shipping method you will use, the setting cannot be surpassed. The Lavezzi islands were established as a natural reserve from 1982, the Bouches of Bonifacio natural reserve, and will be integrated into the future Corso-Sardinian Marine Park. If you are a photography enthusiast, you have set foot in heaven!
With such a protected ecosystem, the main islands you will visit out of the 8 will be Lavezzu and Cavallo. Lavezzo island will take your breath away with its turquoise water, providing a feel of the Turks and Caicos. The wild environment of this peculiar island is quite remarkable, which is especially famous for its granite boulders which sit on the creeks and beaches. To pursue this historic road, there is the opportunity to see the ruins of the Santa Maria chapel, which welcomed monks in the 10th to 16th century. Lavezzu hides another surprise: it is ideal for bird lovers, as Cory’s shearwater, Pudoin seagulls and crested cormorants inhabit the island.

The other mentioned island, Cavallo, is substantially different to Lavezzu, as is essentiallt the largest of the isladnds, with an area of 120 hectares. Since the 70s, second homes have been built there, which makes it the only inhabited island in the archipelago.It is otherwise known as “billionaire island” as the properties there are extremely luxurious and the ‘general public’ can only pass offshore, to not disturb the fortunate residents. The arrival of these wealthy residents eventually lead to the construction of a port, a marine, and a small airfield, though the latter has been abandoned since 1988.

Bonifacio, the picturesque capital of Corsica

Bonifacio, the picturesque capital of Corsica

A holiday in Corsica is not usually associated with cultural outings, especially in the warm season, however, a detour via Bonifacio’s citadel is a must. The citadel is a military structure built from the XII century to protect Bonifacio and was inscribed as a historical monument in 1929. Take a walk along the cliff overlooking the sea, and take a pit stop at la Madonetta,near the marine cemetery to enjoy a moment of romanticism while admiring the Corsican sun’s last rays of the day, offering their most beautiful light.

Why not treat yourself to some exquisite Corsican cuisine after your day of excursions? One thing is for sure, the island’s gastronomy is memorable. From the meat to the cheeses, or even the seafood, there is plenty to satisfy your palate and enjoy a taste of regional, fresh products.

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Where to stay ?

Where to stay ?

Villanovo has selected for you this magnificent 8 bedroom Villa in Southern Corsica, near Porto-vecchio. After a day out at sea, come back to a lovely infinity pool overlooking the renowned crystal clear bay of Palombaggia, to watch the sun fall below the horizon. This 400m² property is fully-equipped and guarantees a cosy, luxurious stay. From the fitness suite, to the hammam, Villa Palombaggia is the finest luxury villa.

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