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Make the most of a family beach holiday in Corsica

Written on : 23 February 2023
By : Steve Dunne
Make the most of a family beach holiday in Corsica

The Mediterranean island of Corsica offers a veritable cornucopia of holiday treats and treasures just waiting to be discovered.

From the powdery white beaches of the south bordered by impossibly clear waters, to the spectacular fortified towns of Calvia and Bastia in the north, all separated by a vast mountainous hinterland which makes up the interior of the island as dramatic and beautiful as anything you might find in a Tolkien novel. When you consider the delicious hearty cuisine and friendly and laid-back locals, it's little wonder it has earned a reputation as a favourite Mediterranean holiday destination. 

And with so much to see and do, from hiking to biking, snorkeling and boating, to simply enjoying the soft sands and achingly gorgeous backdrops of the island's countless beaches, it is a fantastic place for a family holiday with the kids. 

Fantastic beaches ideal for families

Fantastic beaches ideal for families

The beaches of Corsica, although less famed than those of its Mediterranean half-sibling, Sardinia, are the equal of any strip of sand you could hope to find in the Medterranean. 

Stunning blues and turquoise hues, reflections of Corsica's clear skies and abundant fauna (both marine and on land), characterise the vast coastline, a third of which is given over to sandy strips of beaches. Many of which have shallow waters, ideal for families.with younger children looking for somewhere to splash around safely while  mum and dad stretch out and soak up some rays...

Make the most of a family beach holiday in Corsica

The beautiful Balagne region, in which you can find the historic town of Calvi and L'île Rousse, is a fantastic option for a family holiday, with delightful beaches within easy access of the main towns and facilities to cater for the little ones, including beach restaurants and car parks. Meanwhile in the south of the island, Porto-Vecchio, with its elegant marina, and the ivory sands of the surrounding beaches, such as the breathtaking Palombaggia Beach and the picturesque Santa Giulia beach, are sure to create lasting memories for the kids to take home and excitedly share with their friends at school.   

In the peak summer months it would be advisable to bring an umbrella to offer some shade, as the soaring temperatures can be a little much, while extra care would also need to be taken with little ones and their sensitive skin. Given Corsica's reliably sunny climate, it may be preferable to visit during Easter or the October half term, when temperatures are more forgiving and more easily aligned with outdoors activities... 

Some of our best ideas for a family friendly activity

Some of our best ideas for a family friendly activity

Thanks to the Isle of Beauty's spectacular natural scenery, it is an ideal location for take kids, who will have an incredible opportunity to explore the wonders of the natural world. Whether that is in the form of hiking (be aware that some of the trails might be a little ambitious for little ones - and some big ones, for that matter!), mountain-biking, water-rafting, snorkeling, or many other activities available throughout Corsica, from L'île Rousse to Bonifacio. 

The interior of the island is dominated by exceptionally impressive mountainous terrain, peppered with pockets of serene green hills, chestnut woods and idylic streams and wild swimming spots, not to mention the possibility to catch a glimpse of the rare golden eagle, the sight of which is guaranteed to inspire lifelong memories. Meanwhile the coastline - as mentioned - is truly sensational, with a boat trip around the rocky caves and monumental clff-faces of the Scandola Natural Park have plenty to spark their imaginations. 

Whether cutting a path through the Cap Corse, watching the boats come and go in Porto Vecchio, making sandcastles on wild white sandy beaches or discovering the fascinating history of Calvi, Bastia, and Bonifatu while enjoying the tasty Corsican cuisine and delightful sea views of the azure Tyrrhenian Sea, a stay in Corsica with the kids makes for the perfect way to get away from it all and recharge your batteries with the people most precious to you. 

Our handpicked selection of luxury villas

Our handpicked selection of luxury villas

Villanovo has carefully selected a range of exclusive luxury villas throughout the island, from L'île Rousse, Calvi and gorgeous Saint-Florent in the north to the Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio, and the heavenly beaches of Propriano in the south, 

These top class villas combine hte finest in tasteful design and rustic simplicity, not to mention unforgettable sea views, perfect to return to after a day at the beach, or wake up to and sip a coffee (or whatever else you fancy - you're on holiday, after all!) next to the swimming pool. 

Speak to our specialists about choosing the villa that best suits your needs, as well as the avilability of extra services, such as house staff (including chefs who can prepare mouth-watering Corsican meals), babysitters, airport transfer and the booking of activities. Villanovo is on-and with our expert local knowledge and vast experience to make sure your perfect family holiday matches everything you hoped for and more. 

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