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Heavenly stay in Sicily: the most beautiful cities in the Italian region

Written on : 11 October 2018
By : Jeanne Ulhaq
Heavenly stay in Sicily: the most beautiful cities in the Italian region

Willing to discover Italy differently than through classical cities in Roma, Florence or Venice? What if you head to Sicily? Between beaches, history and local culture, the south of the country is very popular among tourists. Villanovo invites you to discover the most beautiful cities in the famous Italian region. 

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For the beaches


Located in the heights at 200 meters of altitude on the edges of the mount Tauro, the city of Taormina is without a doubt one of the most must-see destination in Sicily. Known for its Greek theater which seduced the very famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, it is also for its beaches that Taormine gathers visitors from the entire world each year. Lido Mazzaro, accessible from via Luigi Pirandello, is part of these breathtaking beaches of fine sand. There, you can rent deck chairs and parasols if you’d like to admire the view while relaxing, or heading to Isola Bella to arrive on a magnificent cove. If the view of the turquoise water gives you the will to dive in the marine depths, enjoy the environment to initiate yourself to snorkeling or other activities such as a boat ride to explore the surroundings.


Considered as the most beautiful cities in the Aeolian islands, Stromboli finds its roots more than 2km down the Tyrrhenian sea. Having the particularity to host a volcano of of continual and explosive activity, we know it for this reason, but also for its beaches such as the famous Forgia Vecchia. Perfect to relax, it is a long alley of black stones and a calm water that are waiting for you on the island of sulfurous reputation. It is ideal to change from white sand and discover a boundary-breaking destination while still enjoying the simple pleasures of travelling such as farniente.

For history

For history


Biggest city and the capital of Sicily, Palermo has been created in the 8th century before J.-C. by Phoenician merchants in a natural port. True must-see city of tumultuous history, it was conquired by the Romans, the Normans and the Swabians at multiple times. Knowing thus resistance and rebellion,the history of Palermo testifies the importance of the city for its inhabitants, which had to fight in order to obtain the peaceful spirit that the city knows today. Sumptuous, antic and pleasant, Palermo proposes today several historical sites where to find out more about the topic. History lovers will be pleased to go to the Saint-Laurent oratory of amazing baroque style. Also think of visiting the luminous Chiesa Inferiore della Cappella Palatina and its sumptuous golden mosaics, a beautiful testimony of the Byzantine architecture. At last, do not miss the church of Martorana, also known as Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio, located on Bellini place and representing today the Italian catholicism in all its glory.


In the province of Palermo, Cefalù is an Italian commune located on the north coast of the island. Sea resort of international reputation, it is also very famous for its Normandy cathedral which represents all the work of the Byzantine art thanks to elaborate mosaics. History lovers will continue their visit in Mandralisca museum, which presents among others great archeological expositions testifying of the rich cultural past of the city. Also, don’t miss the Rocca di Cefalù, where are the ruins of a castle from which you will admire breathtaking point of views on the whole city. At last, also perfect to relax, the place provides amazing natural spaces such as the Madonie regional natural park. In sum, everything to please the whole family! 


Last but not least, Syracuse is a reference in terms of Roman ruins and archeological vestiges. Its park dedicated to it will amaze you thanks to its cultural wealth and the secrets that it displays from the past. Presented by Ciceron as the most beautiful Greek city, because of the settlers from Corinth who created it in the 8th century before J.-C., Syracuse now has its historical center listed in UNESCO World Heritage. Add it the authentic charm of the Ionian coast, and you will get the perfect family destination. You can also enjoy your stay to taste all types of appetizing local specialties by tasting for example the traditional Pasta alla norma, which is a meal made of pasta, eggplants, basilic and tomato. Because, indeed, as you might have heard, Sicily is a gastronomic destination of excellence and will know how to please your taste buds thanks to a refined cuisine. What are you waiting for?