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Lagos, the jewel of the Algarve

Written on : 08 July 2019
By : Melchior Burin des Roziers

Let's discover one of the most fascinating cities in the region. Bordered by gigantic sandstone cliffs and wide beaches on which clear water waves break, Lagos is ideal for active couples who want to experience something new. We come to Lagos to immerse ourselves in the climate and atmosphere of an old seaport, its old walls and sea air, its history and its centuries-old heritage. 

Praia Dona Ana

Praia Dona Ana

Ideal for relaxing South of the city, Dona Ana beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve. Over 250 metres long and 80 metres wide, find your place in this postcard landscape where you can admire the picturesque rock formations and appreciate the multitude of small caves of variegated orange-ocre coloured sandstone. The light variations throughout the day offer an exceptional changing spectacle and reveal the beauty of the colours. Moreover, you will not be disappointed by the beauty of the underwater landscape that is offered to you in crystal clear water: it is full of a variety of flora and fauna. So put on your snorkel and discover starfish, crabs and anemones. Swim above the colourful schools of small fish and experience a unique moment!

Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade

Known as " the Point of Pity ", this natural monument is a tourist attraction in the region. Culminating at 45 meters above the water, this rocky complex, sculpted by winds and tides, can be visited on foot. No need for a map, the path is well indicated. Don't forget to bring hiking boots and something to protect yourself from the sun! In Ponta da Piedade, you can admire the view of the sea as well as impressive reliefs, take a breath of fresh air and take some very beautiful photos. Many people say that its sunset is the most beautiful in the world!

The views are quite different from the boats as you can admire the huge rocks from below. If you have the opportunity, we recommend a trip of this type!  You can pass through the caves and enjoy the treasures of this natural wonder.

In the heart of the city

In the heart of the city

Lagos has a long maritime tradition and a great commercial history. In particular, the city was very influential during the period of the great Portuguese discoveries overseas. Henri The Navigator founded a large shipyard there where caravels were made and then launched on the oceans to conquer new territories. 

There are many alleys, charming little churches and romantic squares. Stroll through the old streets and discover the local crafts! 

You can get lost in the streets and satisfy your curiosity at the foot of ancient monuments steeped in history. The city is still partially surrounded by its old 16th century walls. At the place where the most beautiful ramparts stand, you will find the Arch of São Gonçalo, on which a stone table shows the city's arms. Still in the historical register, the slave market (the first in Europe) is a place of memory that is worth a visit. In the same place where African slaves were sold from 1444 onwards, look at this poignant and dark period, observing some remains: jewellery, coins, skeletons recently discovered... You will find a cultural centre with some exhibition rooms and an art gallery. 

The marina remains one of the most modern in the Algarve. It is pleasant to walk in front of the moored yachts. Maybe this will make you want to climb on one of them to go to the sea and observe the dolphins. You can relax on the terrace of a cafe or restaurant. Enjoy local specialities: "sopa de peixe", "bacalhau", "frango piri piri" or "cataplana de amêijoas", a dish of spicy mussels in tomato sauce mixed with sausage and ham. 

Playing golf

Playing golf

The Algarve is a wonderful golf destination. Fortunately, Lagos offers this pleasure and has beautiful golf courses for golfers.

Espiche Clubhouse & Golf

Located a few kilometres northwest of the city and accessible in just a few minutes, this club offers a unique and authentic experience to players. Opened in 2012, it is located on the top of a hill. It allows you to observe the grounds and the surrounding nature from the restaurant, in which you can enjoy fine prepared dishes.While this 18-hole course is not too long, it requires accurate shots for both the tee and approaches to smaller greens. Welcome to an innovative and ecological complex!

Onyria Palmares Beach and Golf Resort

Triple 9 holes which includes 4 "links" holes between the dunes, while the rest of the course has been designed in a green space. The design was beautifully designed by the American Robert Trent Jones II.  Onyria Palmares is one of the few properties in Portugal that does not have any real estate buildings in its surroundings, so you can fully enjoy nature. The great advantage: you can enjoy the estuary of the Alvôr river and the beaches of Lagos Bay!

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