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What to do during your stay in Martinique

Written on : 29 August 2018
By : Jeanne Ulhaq

We told you some times ago, Martinique is now part of our luxury destinations under the sun! Exotic, colorful and heavenly, the famous island seduces thanks to its dream beaches and its warm hospitality. Tempted? Villanovo guides you during your stay in these idyllic lands.

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Heavenly beaches

Heavenly beaches

Turquoise water, fine sand and luxurious vegetation are waiting for you in this wonderful beach in Saint-Anne. Very reputed, the beach is often busy, but we know why. Part of the favorite natural spaces of the visitors, the soft waves of this calm water will sooth you during your stay in the island. Ideal to rest, enjoy to be in the middle of a relaxing nature in company of the ones you love. Also note beaches are not what is missing there, and that you will thus have the possibility to see many of them, depending on what you’re looking for. For family trips with young kids, head off to Caritan, which was set especially for children. Regarding the more intimate excursions, away from the crowd, we vividly recommend to have a tour in the beach of the Grand Macabou. Such as an adventurer, explore this corner of wild paradise and enjoy your vacation in all freedom in this secret beach.

The peninsula of Caravelle

If you’re keen to discover a purer nature, thus revealing the wild state of the island, it is on the authentic place of Caravelle that you should head to! First relief emerged of Martinique millions of years ago, the place shows an extract of the whole vegetation which is proper to the island. On the edges of the peninsula, take the time to have a walk in the magnificent natural reserve of Caravelle. Created in 1976, this latter protects 422 hectares where you can admire around 150 vegetal species. You will also find several bird species, for the pleasure of nature lovers. At last, we advise you to visit the place with a guide who will make sure you do not miss a single piece of what there is to know about the great peninsula.

The island of flowers: The garden of Balata

The island of flowers: The garden of Balata

Called the island of flowers by its residents, the flora of the place is indeed majestuous. With more than 2700 species of different flowers such as hibiscus or wild orquideas, Martinique will charm you with its colors and fragrances. The garden of Balata, created by Jean-Philippe Toze thanks to his travels and its passion for botanic, promises a floral escape in the heart of the Martinique nature in one of the most peaceful environment. A unique experience not-to-be-missed on the island!

The museum of la Pagerie

Place of birth of the imperatrice Josephine, wife of Napoleon 1rst, the museum of la Pagerie is a former sugar mill made out of picturesque stones. Hosting more than 500 hectares in the 18th century, the place used to be known as the “small Guinea” because of the exploitation of more than 300 slaves for sugar, cocoa, coffee and cotton, among others. The museum, which opened in 1929 thanks to Gabriel Hayot, former mayor, serves today as a place of remembrance and cultural enlightenment, as it presents also love letters from Napoleon to his wife and other personal objects of the imperatrice. Once again, choose the guided visit to fully enjoy your visit.

The rum distilleries

The rum distilleries

How to talk about Martinique without mentioning his rum distilleries? Known to make ome of the best rums in the world, why not taste it? Here, distilleries are one of the main tourist attractions. One visits them, tries their products, discovers the history of the place… In sum, an artisanal visit, guided or not, of one of the most attracting product of the island ! Among them, the distillery JM, one of the most appreciated by visitors, will amaze you for its degustation, decoration and its olfactory workshop after the visit. The habitation Clément, in le François, also offers a rum of high quality in a spacious environment within a luxurious vegetation. Hesitate no longer and awake your senses in one of these two distilleries on the island of rum.

The rock of the diamond

In the canal Sainte-Lucie, the rock of the diamond got its name from its shape of peak and its luminous hints when the sun covers it. Source of conflict between the French and the British, who used to own it, the mound allows to penetrate in the history of the island as well as exploring its ocean depths. Listed among the best spots for diving in Martinique, the ocean lovers will get the chance to discover a colorful marine fauna, turtles and coral reefs. To try without delay!