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The most beautiful beaches in Martinique

True dream destination for sunny vacations in the middle of a luxurious nature, the reputation of Martinique is not to be made. Appreciated by tourists for its beaches, these latter are plentiful and have different qualities. Villanovo invites you to discover the best spots of the island that are not-to-be-missed during your stay in the Caribbean.

Anse des Salines

For a beach just as a postcard, it is to Anse des Salines that you should head to! The most famous beach in Petites Antilles is indeed the favourite spot of tourists seeking for heavenly landscapes. If the place can sometimes be crowded, trust us, it is worth it. Coconut trees, pink manjack, manchineel trees… The vegetation is full and the beach offers a breathtaking view on the south coast of the island. Although it is not totally the fruit of nature, one has to admit the coconuts surrounding the beach have been added in the 50’s in order to make the beach more attractive in the eyes of visitors, when Martinique started to develop its tourist potential. However, be reassured: the transparent water, the fine sand and the view remain authentic and will charm you without a doubt. If you do not fear the crowd, Anse des Salines is for sure the perfect place for you to rest under the sun of Martinique.

Anse des Salines - Martinique

Anse couleuvre

At the foot of Pelee mountain, in the commune of Prêcheur, Anse Couleuvre owns 2 beaches of fine black sand in an isolated environment in full nature. This cove of volcanic sand is indeed listed among the wildest beaches of the island, and remained secret for a long time before it got discovered by locals. If its access could dissuade some, it’s worth the money. And, finally, the tricky road only contributes to the pleasure of the discovery once you’re on the spot. Without getting the sensation of simply being a tourist, dive into the heart of Martinique’s nature in this beach surrounded by high cliffs which give the feeling to be alone on the marvellous island. In sum, a nature lovers paradise.

Anse Michel

More familial, Anse Michel is a gift for kite surfers. Its waves, white sand and coconut trees make it a perfect destination for the whole family. While the youngest will enjoy an initiation to the aquatic sport of their choice, you will contemplate the beauty of the landscapes. Let yourself be seduced by the tempting fragrances of the restaurants around and taste Creole specialties of quality for a delicious moment to share with the ones you love.Simple of access from Sainte-Anne, you will only need to go to Cap Chevalier and follow the indications to go there. Also calm during the week, Anse Michel is all good! 

Anse Michel - Martinique

Anse Bonneville

Perfect to surf, Anse Bonneville has similar qualities to Anse Michel, but the location. In the south, between the bourg of Tartane and the castle of Dubuc, the beach also gives surf classes and other types of aquatic activities for families. And, if sport is not your thing, no worries ! There are small natural pools low in depth in the beach. Not really adapted to swimming, they are nevertheless perfect to admire your loved ones doing sport. Also enjoy the shadowed picnic area for your breakfast on the go during your visit in the one we call “the surfer beach”.

Anse d’Arlet

Just like a small village on the seaside, Anse d’Arlet is bordered by ancient Creole houses and even has a charming church in the middle of the alley. Families love this reassuring environment decorated with fisher boats and providing several restaurants, offering a refreshing break under the shadowed terraces. Surrounded by a green nature, the ocean depths are also to explore when the beach is not too crowded. As a natural aquarium, you will only need a mask and a snorkel to enjoy the view. When the beaches get full of people, head to the Mornes Champagne and Bellevue, which are perfect spot to try snorkeling.  

Anse d’Arlet - Martinique

Anse Caritan

Especially thought for children, Anse Caritan, in the south of Sainte-Anne, is fully protected of the waves thanks to the peninsula of Sainte-Anne. It has a set of aquatic activities established by the Maya Beach Club: a game area, toboggans and trampolines will fill your kids with happiness while their elders can have some nice walks in the surroundings. Indeed, being the beginning of the path for hiking “la trace des capes”, why not enjoy it to indulge yourself with a hike in full nature? Combine farniente pleasure while tanning on the beach with the joy of hiking on shadowed paths thanks to Anse Caritan. 

Anse Diamant

At the foot of the Mornes Larcher and Clochette, Anse Diamant runs over 3 kilometers and got its name from a famous rock in shape of a peak. Unlike the others islands in the south of the Caribbean, the sea and the waves can be intense and thus become a source of danger when one is not careful. You got it, the beach is not made for kids and should not be enjoyed without a few precautions. Large and shadowed, Anse Diamant nevertheless has some qualities : few people and a perfect spot for diving. Diving enthusiasts, let yourself be seduced by the marine depths of rare and wild beauty but once again,keep in mind that security and care are the watchwords in Anse Diamant.

Anse Diamant - Martinique

Grand Macabou

Away from the crowd and the constructions, Grand Macabou is a haven of peace for all adventurers willing to go to beaches of unexplored looks. Admire the back and forth movement of the waves on the golden sand and listen : yes, it is crabs you’re hearing! You will see them trying to hide, while you enjoy the authenticity of the landscape and its coconut trees. If the lack of restaurants requires that you bring your own snack, you won’t be disappointed to meet this isolated natural space which will reconnect you with nature for a moment.

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