Where to go in June?

Written on : 14 December 2017

What will be your destination in June?

The month of June announces the beginning of the summer season, so it's a perfect time to discover new countries and new destinations! Whether you are looking for the best beaches to rest and enjoy the sun, or you want to go on beautiful hiking trails to discover the surrounding nature, the month of June is the perfect time to travel with your loved ones.


Highly valued European destination, Croatia is a country that will capture the hearts of its visitors. With many hiking trails, nature lovers will be delighted to explore Croatian wonders. With pleasant weather in June and the tranquillity of early summer, Croatia turns out to be a perfect destination for families of explorers in search of wonderful memories.

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Capital of Northern Portugal, Porto is a colourful and vibrant city, ideal for discovering Portuguese culture under the summer sun. Still untouched by crowds at this time of year, Porto is a perfect destination for families as you will find plenty of activities to do together. In addition, fine gourmets will be delighted to taste local dishes that come to colour the culture of this popular region.

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With its tropical climate, the month of June is ideal for visiting the paradisiacal beaches but also exploring the sublime natural spaces of Mauritius. Winter season in the land of the Dodo, you will enjoy a perfect holiday, with a light refreshing breeze. What better way to discover all the treasures of the island and participate in all the activities that this dream destination has to offer. Stroll through the streets of Port Louis or dive into the depths of Trou aux Biches... adventures and discoveries await you on this extraordinary island.

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You always dream about discovering Indonesia and its sublime nature? Head in the direction of Bali and witness breathtaking landscapes! Bali has long been one of the best destinations to enjoy the holidays. This is a very popular destination in Asia because it offers the promise of an unforgettable trip for families looking for exoticism. Although the island is known for its culture and temples, it offers visitors breathtaking natural landscapes; sublime rice terraces, located in the centre of Bali. You will feel the importance of religion and spirituality in your walks on Balinese lands and landscapes. Enjoy this intoxicating charm during the month of June!

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The best: destinations in the Mediterranean

All the regions bordering the Mediterranean prove to be an excellent choice. Beautiful and authentic landscapes, far from the crowds of the high season, you will have the tranquillity and privacy you need. Discover the beauty of the Greek islands, or the authentic charm of the region of white horses and lavender: Provence. For those who want a destination full of character, colour and flavours, go to Corsica to discover all the wonders of this island of the sun.

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