Enjoy the serenity of the countryside

While the sounds of crashing waves or the buzz of a city through your window can be thrilling. Sometimes a holiday requires a little more tranquillity. Escape to the wild to experience euphoria in one of our luxury lodges. A place to enjoy nature in the peaks or enjoy the company of loved ones away from the chaos of everyday life. With all of the comforts from the indoor pools to the countryside outdoors, the whole family has something to enjoy!

Explore the great outdoors

Blissful beaches with golden coloured sand may be the common choice for a getaway. Although, imagine adventuring through biodiverse forests and vibrant woods. Our luxury lodges are in optimal locations for outdoor exploration and activities and perfect for bringing little family members with you in one of our pet-friendly villas.

Luxury for the whole family

Leave the small holiday homes behind and relish in the expansive space of our luxury lodges. This is truly the ultimate vacation spot for bigger families or even families and friends who wish to share moments together under one big roof.

Capacities of our prestigious homes