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Gastronomy in Greece

Authentic and tasty, Greek gastronomy continues to surprise by a creativity that has always highlighted the quality of its ingredients. It also has the advantage of being able to rely on a culinary tradition which has considerably enriched since antiquity.

Gastronomy in Greece - Greece

A world-renowned culinary heritage

Influenced by the Balkan, Italian and Turkish cuisine, Greek gastronomy is nonetheless one of the major actors of the art of well-being in the Mediterranean. Characterised by the almost systematic use of olive oil, it is generally very appreciated for its refinement and its richness.
In addition, a plethora of Greek recipes have proven dietary qualities. This allows Hellenic gastronomy to be one of the healthiest culinary heritages in Europe. It is known for its proximity to nature, as it involves an abundance of cereals, vegetables, fruits and spices of all kinds, not to mention the ingredients derived from the sea.
The gastronomy includes several internationally known specialties, including tzatziki, also called "Greek cucumber," as well as the famous moussaka prepared with eggplant, lamb and various condiments. Greek salads also benefit from a well-known international reputation. The horiatiki, melitzanosalata, or pantjaria salata are examples of entries that remain popular with tourists visiting the Mediterranean.

Specialities high in colour

Traditional Hellenic cuisine also has a strong point to include recipes that are both simple and tasty like candied or kremidi onions, stuffed vine leaves called "dolmadès", or even stuffed zucchini flowers.
It is also impossible to talk about Greek gastronomy without evoking its cheeses. Feta, traditionally produced with sheep's or goat's milk, is undoubtedly the best known, although typical products such as kefalotiri, myzithra, graviera and kefalograviera are also very popular.
It should also be pointed out that in Greece the art of the table is, above all, a matter of sharing and conviviality. Values ​​that are perfectly illustrated by its typical drinks that are ouzo and retsina, but also by the famous mezes. The latter join together to make a group of small gourmet dishes, served to appease the guests.

Specialities high in colour - Greece

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