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The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava

Costa Brava is well-known for its beautiful beaches and coves, which have become popular tourist destinations due to their rich biodiversity and crystal-clear waters.

Consequently, they tend to be quite crowded, particularly during Summer. Therefore, it is best to visit the beaches earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon. Any such early starts will be well rewarded, as the iconic beaches and beach villages of the Costa Brava are among the best beaches in Spain.


Aiguablava is one of the most popular coves, not only in Begur, but anywhere in Catalonia. Its sands contrast beautifully with the unmistakable turquoise of the water, combining with the surrounding vegetation to lend the cove a unique appearance.

The shallow depth and the tranquillity of its waters, in addition to the variety of services available on the beach, make it ideal for the whole family.

The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava - Costa Brava

Sa Riera

Sa Riera is the largest cove in Begur. Its name derives from a watercourse that splits the cove into two halves. Furthermore, it consists of grainy sand upon which lay colourful fishermen’s boats, and possesses a number of facilities and amenities, such as showers, restaurants and a larger area to play beach volleyball and other summer sports.

The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava - Costa Brava

Sa Tuna

This beautiful cove, located in Begur, is characterized by its old fishermen's houses and its pine forests overlooking the seashore. It is mostly made of up pebbles rather than sand, and has access to a coastal path that invites you to explore the rocky surrounding area and reach the nearby secluded cove of s'Eixugador

The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava - Costa Brava

Llafranc Beach

This beach of fine golden sand found in a beautiful bay at the foot of the Sant Sebastià mountain, in front of the centre of the town of Llafranc. It has two well-differentiated areas: on the left side of the beach, facing the sea, there is a small port with some beached boats, while, on the right, we find the rocky point of el Blanc, the area most frequented by bathers. 

The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava - Costa Brava

Port-Bo Beach

Port-Bo Beach is well-known because every summer it hosts the Habaneras de Calella de Palafrugell, a traditional Catalan festival.  

This beach has small rocky reefs between the sea and the sand, that create different areas. Furthermore, it offers splendid views of the famous Voltes arcades, built in the 19th century, behind which there is a pleasant, arcaded walk.

The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava - Costa Brava

Tamariu Beach or Platja Gran

The bay of Tamariu is a natural retreat and home to the gorgeous beakc of Platja Gran. Located in this old fishing village, the main beach of Tamariu is surrounded by a particular type of trees called tamarius in Catalan, that have given the area its name.

It is a family beach, with thick sand and crystal-clear waters, featuring a small promenade with bars and restaurants.

The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava - Costa Brava

Peaceful hidden coves

If you want to escape the crowds and are looking for a calm spot to sunbathe and dive, then visit some of the more secluded, less accessible coves such as: Illa Roja, Cala Estreta, Cala d’Aigua Xèlida, Cala el Golfet and Platja Fonda. 
These are truly unique little coves, in terms of location and access, as well as physical characteristics. If you are looking for peace and want to reconnect with yourself and with nature, these untouched spots are for you!

The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava - Costa Brava

Illa Roja

The Illa Roja cove gets its name from a huge reddish rock that presides over it, which together with the cove’s transparent blue waters and its coarse sand, make the setting an oasis in the middle of nature. 

This cove is flanked by a huge rock wall where the coastal path rises up a rather steep set of steps, which is a contributing reason for it tending to be a quiet place without crowds.

Cala Estreta

This is one of the most secluded and fascinating coves on the entire Costa Brava, given its high natural and scenic value. 

The only way of getting to this cove is by foot, so you will have to walk from the beach of es Castell, approximately 20 to 30 minutes. However, the walk is totally worth it, as it is the very fact that it’s not easily accessible that makes it a peaceful natural spot, far away from the crowds, and without a single building nor barely a trace of human presence.

Cala d’Aigua Xèlida

This scenic wonder is located between the municipality of Tamariu and Begur. It’s rocks, pines and the turquoise sea, endow this cove with a special charm which invites you to dive in its waters and beckons you to wander along the coastal path. 
There are also several sea caves nearby, which can be accessed with a canoe, such as El Bisbe - with a shape that resembles the figure of a bishop - or the extensive En Gispert.

The must-see, famous beaches of the Costa Brava - Costa Brava

Cala Golfet

This cove is hidden between cliffs and surrounded by lush vegetation. It is located in the centre of a small bay flanked by the Punta d'Els Forcats, from the east, and by Cap Roig, from the west.

Cap Roig’s stunning blend of the reddish colours of the earth with the green of the local pine trees, and the blue of its waters produces a magnificent setting of wild beauty. 

Platja Fonda

In order to discover this hidden spot, you need to head down a long set of steps. Its natural seclusion helps the cove to retain its unspoiled charm, with coarse, dark sand surrounded by cliffs, rocks and lush greenery.

The best way to access it is by foot, which is why it is often visited by hikers or couples in search of tranquillity. 

In a nutshell, Costa Brava has plenty of beaches and coves for you to explore and enjoy with your loved ones. Vast sandy beaches with plenty of amenities, wild secluded coves where to relax… the choice is yours!

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