10 reasons to go to Mexico for your next vacation

Written on : 16 October 2017

How to convince oneself that going to Mexico is a good idea? Discover our 10 reasons!

Choosing your next vacation destination from the existing thousands is not easy. Each country is different, even within each country, each region and each city is sometimes worth visiting. To help you in this choice, we present to you 10 reasons to choose Mexico for your next vacation. A rising and trendy destination.

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1. The country of the fiesta

Holidays or not, the daily life in Mexico is always invigorating, the population is enthusiastic by nature and many are the trendy or more traditional places to party until the end of the night.

¡Vienvenido a Mexico, ahí nos vidrios*!

* Expression typically Mexican which means "One sees oneself later (implied to drink),"vidrios" is a reference to the sound of the glasses that clink. The literal translation of "vidrios" is "glass", and it is used as a verb instead of "ahi nos vemos", "we see each other".

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2. Rich folk culture

Mexicans are particularly religious and they are interesting and exotic for curious travellers. Mariachis, and their songs recognised as World Heritage by UNESCO, or ferria, pinata, bullfights... Traditional culture is daily life, it is a charming blend of past civilisation, Spanish imprint and Western influence.

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3. Mexican gastronomy

Mexican cuisine is one of the most famous and popular in the world. There are restaurants and cuisines around the country that prepare succulent paellas and national enchiladas. But Mexican cuisine is much richer and more varied than we know. The Mexican cuisine is fine and fragrant, it was also made World Heritage by UNESCO!

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4. The country where biodiversity is king

Mexico has one of the richest fauna and flora in the world! During your trip you can cross plants, corals, wild animals, a great diversity.

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5. Many tourist places worth the visit

It has become a must for visitors to book their condo in Mexico not far from the sights that are breathtaking and numerous. Beyond all the classic places of visit, museums, cities and villages, Mexico also has the best underwater museum in the world, located in Cancun!

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6. The warmth & hospitality of Mexicans

The Mexican population is famous for its welcome and kindness. To say goodbye, the Mexicans say: "Gracias, adios y que les vaya bien!” (Thanks, goodbye and all good for you!), And seem to think it: more than a polite formula, the Mexican culture gives importance to the other, to its well being, that it is close or foreign.

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7. Quality means of travel

Mexico's transportation network is highly developed, modern, dynamic and comfortable. No excuse not to visit the country in all latitudes, with an excursion to Playa del Carmen for example. Also consider renting a vehicle, motorcycle or quad, which are also very common in all regions. Practice, as the country is vast!

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8. The climate: the sun is always out

It is always beautiful in Mexico and all seasons are suitable for a good stay, even during the rainy season!

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9. A history and a civilisation to discover

Mexican history spans more than 2 millennia. Very great civilisations succeeded each other. Travel in the footsteps of Mayan, Aztec, Toltec or Olmec civilisations. Métis, Creoles... discover how the colonial era has greatly influenced Mexico today. Whether it's the capital city of Mexico where the surrounding cities, buildings, roads, and even the city map tell the story of historical events.

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10. The vast and varied natural landscapes

Mexico has managed to preserve its natural spaces. Mexico has many natural sites to take your breath away. It is a very vast country with a very wide variety of landscapes. There is something for everyone: beaches, seas and lagoons, such as Isla Marieta, or the Cenotes; desert landscapes, arid, rocky, lush forests...

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