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9 tips for improving your travel photos

Written on : 02 January 2019
9 tips for improving your travel photos

Here we are, you have well prepared your journey and you are about to travel around our top destinations. To enjoy your journey and share these incredible moments with your relatives, think about travel photography. Travel photography is more and more trendy, particularly with social network. To take good travel pictures, you need to know the basis of photography. Here are our methods to enhance your shots.

8- Use filters

Nowadays, we all use Instagram and social network. Getting a smartphone means getting a camera. To enhance your travel photos, don’t hesitate to use filters. If some filters are already preset in Instagram and on your smartphone, you can also create your own filter with softwares such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. The latest trend is vintage. Why not use filters such as Polaroïd to make your travel photos retro? In short: have fun!

If you don’t like post-processing your photos, no problem! You can use filters as soon as you shoot. For instance, you can use a polarizing filter to enhance your photography’s colors. You can also buy a Neutral Density (ND) filter which can help you to control the exposure and the light of your travel photo.

7- Enjoy “golden hours”

7- Enjoy “golden hours”

The “golden hour” is one of the most magic moments to take a photography and particularly a travel photography. Golden hour happens just after sunrise and just before sunset. In general, photos taken during golden hours are enhanced because at this time, the light is softer and the colors warmer. The sky is generally cloudier and more contrasted.

6- Shoot from different perspectives and different angles to enhance your scenery

What you shoot is the most important part of travel photography. Whether it’s a monument, a landscape or even a portrait, the subject of your photography has to be enhanced. To take a great travel picture, think about shoot from different angles and different perspective to show how the place you are visiting is unique.

5- Pay attention to photo composition

To enhance the speechless places you’ll discover during your journey, think about photo composition. In particular, pay attention to take a sharp picture and to keep the horizon straight. You can also try different lights and shadows to enhance your photo. Finally, don’t forget the rule of thirds. This rule is one of the most basic of photography tips. The goal is to place important parts of your photo into different sections divided in thirds. This rule will help you to take more balanced travel photos.

4- Keep your eyes open to shoot interesting sceneries

To take good travel photos, first of all, you have to find an interesting scenery. Our destinations are full of wonderful places. However, to take a great photography, you have to choose an eye-catching scenery. What is a scenery? It may be a landscape, a portrait, even an architecture photography. Don’t hesitate to come back several times at a same place to shoot the scene with the best conditions ever (particularly weather conditions).

3- Protect you against theft

3- Protect you against theft

It is a common issue before travelling around the world - and for good reasons. Particularly, photo material is expensive so it may be a target of pickpocketing. To avoid any inconvenience, bring your camera and your lenses in the bag the most sober you have. If you don’t use your camera, leave it in a safe place like in your locked room or in a hostel locker. Finally, when you buy a camera and/or lenses, don’t forget to buy a camera insurance.

2- Don’t forget your memory cards and your batteries

During your journey, you may take photos very often. Consequently, when you prepare your luggage and particularly your camera bag, don’t forget your memory cards. These cards are precious to store your travel photos. Think about your batteries too to enjoy your trip with total peace of mind!

1- It is NOT about photo material

Contrary to one might think, having an expensive photo material doesn’t mean doing great travel photos. Even if some photo material get a greater camera than others, it is the photo composition which matters the most. There’s no need to buy the latest camera. On the contrary, bring a camera you know well to be not lost with all settings and some lenses to shoot from different distances and try different angles.

9- Don’t forget to enjoy your trip!

9- Don’t forget to enjoy your trip!

Above all, holidays are precious moments for relaxing. Even if you want to take good travel photos to bring back unforgettable memories, don’t forget to enjoy your trip. To do so, you can shoot on film and bring an analog camera. Films and photo development are expensive so you’ll think before shoot a scene. Consequently, you’ll better enjoy your trip! Be careful, shoot on film need to know several basis of photography, particularly in terms of settings.