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Bali island: more activities, more pleasure

Written on : 13 October 2017
A lot of activities to do in Bali, Indonesia

A lot of activities to do in Bali, Indonesia

Yes, you can go to Bali and just rent a villa at Villanovo for your stay on the island. You can easily discover 1,001 treasures. But know all the benefits of Bali, it’s also not to miss any part of your journey. For family, friends or lovers, the island is full of beauty and exciting activities.

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Nature, gardens and Buddhist temples

Nature, gardens and Buddhist temples

All travellers will be entranced by the beauty of the island when they want to visit gardens (hotels, private gardens, public areas), national reserves (West Bali National Park, Menjangan Island), the mountainous centre of the island (Mount Agung, Mount Batur, lakes) or through crops (rice, coffee culture – Arabica, production of vegetables or livestock).

Balinese houses are often works of art and there is no need to search for specific temples, they are everywhere. You can make some exceptions specifically going to see some temples: Tanah Lot, Pura Besakhi, Pura Luhur and Uluwatu. Do not forget to buy a sarong on arrival and keep it on, you will be asked to when you enter each temple.

You can mingle different natures: mastered with crops, a rainforest that is remarkable at Uluwatu cliffs, mangroves, meadows… The island of Bali protects a third of its territory in a national reserve and another third in the mountainous centre.

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Watersports and climbing peaks

Watersports and climbing peaks

Bali offers many dive sites. The most famous is the wreck of the Liberty in the East of the island (Tulamben). But do not hesitate to explore the wildlife in the protected National Park (Menjangan Island), the spot between Thai Padang and  Candidasa in the Southeast, the French spot near Sanur and Nusa Penida for the most experienced divers (large pelagic varieties: skate, shark…).

Surfing is also widely practiced by the Balinese for the 70 sports (with Australian immigration) especially around the town of Kula and the tip of the peninsula of Bukit Uluwatu. For beginners, the ideal spot is in Kula and beach breaks (rent surfboards or boogie board with ease).

From Lovina Beach (in the North of the island close to Singaraja), you have the opportunity to take a boat to meet the dolphins.

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For more motivated or those who love heights, you must climb 3,142m to be on the highest point of Bali: Mount Agung. Mount Batur is also very close to a magical ride. Many lakes will be appreciated during your hike.

In the centre of the island, in mountainous areas, you will also have the possibility of rafting and kayaking. Often programmed as a tour (with return transfer) a sports day to explore the less touristy areas of Bali is often one of the most delightful moments of your stay. Families and groups of friends love this excursion.

Rest, wellbeing and massage

Rest, wellbeing and massage

If you are fans of beaches, we can identity different sands between the North and the South: black sand beaches to the North (most wild beaches) and white sand beaches to the South coast.

For those who need to relax, you can experience the fine art of Balinese massage. It is everywhere! You can be massaged into the luxury hotels or in specialised shops but also on the beach by women with expert hands. The cost of massage varies depending on the context, but we can not say it in a better place or another! So overdo it!

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Attend a festival

Attend a festival

If the island is the property of the 1,000 Gods, there are also 1,000 ways to honour them. Colourful festivals galore, you can only be impressed by the enthusiasm of Balinese people. The main festival is the New Year in March! And surprisingly, the day after the ceremony on the island is blocked: no transportation, no pedestrians, no noise and the desire to use as little electricity as possible… Do not walk in the streets; you will pay a substantial fine.

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Taste the Balinese cuisine

Taste the Balinese cuisine

It is delicious, beautiful to look at, fine and elegant to taste. The firings are often traditional to pin to the coals, fried or steamed. The best-known specialties are Bali Guling (suckling pig on a spit), the Bebek Bali (duck cooked on the grill), the Pepes Ikan (fish cooked on the grill in a banana leaf), the Kodok Goreng Mantega (butter fried frogs), lobsters, traditional rice and vegetable mixture Cap Cai.

The gastronomy is often compared to the Javanese cuisine in its inspiration, you will find some similar dishes even if the taste is slightly trickier: satay (skewers), Nasi Goreng (fried rice spicy clove with accompanying vegetables, meat and egg), Gado-Gado (doughnut spicy shrimp dish).

For sugar lovers, the Balinese food is amazing and often differs in comparison to the sweet Asian dishes (often limited to desserts like delicious local fruit). You can eat without remorse Bubur (rice pudding with coconut), Pisang Goreng (fried), Es Kopyor (coloured jelly).

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Introducing Balinese art

Introducing Balinese art

The artists had to wear traditional values ​​through their works. Their art has evolved, especially for wood carving under European and Australian influences. You can discover the mythical figures like the Garuda bird. Paint and leather cutters have the same influence on art. The best example is probably the ceiling Kertagosa in Klungkung (ancient former court of the kingdom).

The music is completely correlated to “Gamelan” (set of gongs, metallophones and xylophones. Listening is accompanied by offerings or rituals (not live)).

The very famous Balinese dances are numerous:

  • the Legong (danced with three women: two “twin” and a narrative woman, the dance tells a story of abduction of a young girl by a king and the fight between him and the brother of the girl)
  • the barong (dual opposition of forces that govern the world stage participating in the cosmogony of Balinese people)
  • the baris (dancing boy, between 12 and 18, where the expression of the eyes and body flexibility are quite remarkable)
  • the Kecak (masked dances).
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