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Cities to go to in September

Written on : 12 July 2019

You have a delayed holiday, you are retired, you want to avoid school holidays or you simply want to take a few days off in September for yourself? Then you're in for a treat! September is marked by the pleasant temperatures of July and August, the sea is still very warm, the cities are less crowded and you have much more space on the beach. 

Here is a selection of destinations to go to in September:



Known as "the city of a thousand colours", Lisbon can be admired under the orange lights of September. Take a walk and admire the sunset from the hill of Château Saint-Georges or one of the many watchtowers in the city.

If you are looking for relaxation, sit on the beach and soak your toes in the water: the water is still very hot from the summer that has just passed. You're not much of a beach person, are you? One of the activities in our selection will necessarily please you!

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Make no mistake about it: Marrakech is a city that never stops. The city's excitement does not fade once the tourist season is over. On the other hand, you can be sure that the streets will be a little less crowded and that you will have more time for your photos in front of each monument. Discover the city's must-see attractions!

From May to August it is advisable to get up early to visit the Majorelle garden, in September you can take a little more time in the morning. Take the opportunity to talk to the locals, restaurant waiters or museum staff, they will have more time for you 

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Far from the euphoric excitement of summer, Ibiza in September is the ideal retreat for those who want to relax in the sun. You can be sure that the island is not only rich in beaches. Discover the hidden side of this island, between gastronomy, spots to visit, and artists' landmarks, the city will most certainly surprise you.

For a wild and nature-oriented getaway, choose a villa in the North of the island, you will be assured of peace and tranquility. For a more urban trip, closer to the famous nightclubs, choose the South of the island.

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A true Italian jewel, Sicily is a blend of tranquility, history and landscapes that inspire dreams. Visit the Torre Salsa nature reserve, climb to the top of Etna and admire the valley of the Agrigento temples before relaxing on the most beautiful beaches in the country. There is no shortage of places to visit.

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Looking for a city trip that will bring you out of the grey? You are sure to enjoy Gaudí: The blue of the sea, the yellow of the houses in the barrio gótico and the green of the Güell Park remind you of the colours of summer. 

In Barcelona, you are guaranteed a pleasant stay: during the day, you have the choice between cultural visits, walking around the city centre or sunbathing on the beach, and in the evening, choose between a crazy evening at a nightclub or a romantic restaurant. One thing is certain, this city is a must!

In September, the city has largely emptied itself of its tourists and is therefore much more accessible.

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A little something extra, for a truly exotic holiday: Tanzania

A little something extra, for a truly exotic holiday: Tanzania

If September is synonymous with a change of scenery for you, dare to go far away and discover Tanzania.

Admire the "Roof of Africa" (nickname given to Kilimanjaro), go on a safari and discover wild animals up close or sunbathe on Zanzibar beach, what will you choose? Tanzania is the perfect country for adventurers who like to rest between trips.

September is the ideal month to visit: in seaside resorts, there are far fewer people, and on tourist spots, the locals are much more attentive. You will experience an unforgettable journey!

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