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Gastronomy in Ibiza

The gastronomy of Ibiza summarises its history, between a mixture of tradition but also culinary ingenuity. Rice, poultry, lamb, and fish are very common in the dishes of Ibiza, in stews or in the oven. Whet your appetite for a discovery of the specialties of this Mediterranean island!

- Guisat de peix: fish stew with potatoes, fish, crustaceans, accompanied by aioli.
- Dry peix: dried fish
- Sofrit pagès: lamb, chicken, sobrassada (traditional sausage from Ibiza), potatoes, garlic, laurel, saffron, cumin, grilled almonds and lard.
- Panellets: dessert made with chocolate and almonds

Do not hesitate to ask one of the chefs available with Villanovo to prepare one of these delicious dishes.

Gastronomy in Ibiza - Ibiza

Recipe of the Sofrit Pagès

For cooks, here is the recipe of the famous Sofrit Pagès, to be prepared any time during the year and to bring back to your table a souvenir of your holiday in Ibiza.
1kg of chicken, 1kg of lamb, 4 sausages "sobrassada", ¾kg of potatoes (preferably small), 5 cloves of garlic, 2 bay leaves, parsley, paprika, a few sprigs of saffron, 2 spoons of olive oil, salt and pepper.
1- Scald the lamb and chicken separately. Separately brown with the lard.
2 - Cook slowly the potatoes and small chicken livers.
3 - Dry the saffron by passing it through the mortar, grind together the toasted almonds, the chicken liver, the cumin and a pinch of parsley.
4 - Dilute with the broth of the cooking, then incorporate the preparation to the browned.
5 - Let it cook on a low heat.


The meteorological conditions of the Mediterranean island are ideal for the cultivation of wine. Thus, the island offers its visitors a collection of exceptional wine. Under the name of Vino de la Tierra, you can taste the best grape varieties from your villa of exception.
If you want to visit typical vineyards, do not hesitate to visit the corners of San Mateo, Buscastell or Sant Josep.

Wines - Ibiza

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