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When to go to Ibiza? About the weather and the climate in Ibiza

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean. It only knows two seasons, winter and summer, and therefore has distinct temperatures. The ideal time to go to Ibiza if you want to enjoy the beach, is between mid-June and mid-October. The water remains at an ideal temperature of about 24°C.

When to go to Ibiza? About the weather and the climate in Ibiza - Ibiza

Winter in Ibiza

Average temperature: 16°C
Water temperature: 8°C
The winter of Ibiza lasts from November to February, although the spring is an extension of the winter and its cool temperatures. However, you will rarely see the thermometer below 10°C.

Summer in Ibiza

Average temperature: 25°C
Water temperature: 23°C
The ideal time to visit Ibiza and to walk there is from early May to June because the temperatures are very pleasant and it is less crowded. However if you want to swim, the water will still be a bit chilly. It will be better to go and discover this splendid island during the period from July to August, to enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere.
For those who want to enjoy the beach while avoiding the tourist hordes, it is advisable to visit the peninsula during the period from September to November. Temperatures will still be pleasant, but attention should be paid to very frequent precipitation during this period.

What to wear in Ibiza?

Ibiza is obviously a high place of celebration recognised throughout the world. Day and night, there are plenty of organised activities to enjoy a busy atmosphere on this incredible peninsula. If you go to this paradise place during the summer bring your swimsuits as the temperature will be ideal to enjoy a swim at one of the beaches on the island. However, do not forget to take a good pair of shoes to explore the island and all its nooks and crannies.
If you want to go there after the high season, during the months of September to October, you should have an umbrella and a few waterproof clothes with you because there is a lot of precipitation during this period, although the temperatures remain pleasant.
Bring warm clothes if you want to enjoy the island during the winter. Although temperatures never go down below freezing, it is still cold.

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