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History of Ibiza

Ibiza, "Eivissa" in Catalan, is the largest of the Pitiüses islands. It is located in the heart of the 5 Balearic Islands. Over its history Ibiza has been both a target and a base for pirates. Thus knowing the history of the island of Ibiza will allow you to appreciate the beauty even more and to understand its specificities.

123 BC

The island belongs to the Romans, this can be felt in the still visible architecture of the island. The richness of this place comes from the fact that the island passed under several influences from these years, notably the Byzantine Empire, as evidenced by the church of Santa Ines. Its ideal location within the Mediterranean Sea made it a perfect target for attacks.

9th century

The most captivating period in Ibiza is that during which the Muslims ruled the island, which was then called Yebisah. Some walls of the city still testify to this influence in the city of D'alt Villa.

8th August 1235

This is the Christian reconquest of the island by the Catalans, which then takes the name of Eivissa. The mosques have become cathedrals and the public squares and high places of the island have changed their name, like Sant Josep.

15th century - 19th century

This is the golden age of the city which is experiencing a stunning period of prosperity. It again becomes the target of pirate plunder. Some typical songs from the island tell how these pirates robbed the riches of the region; women and livestock.

1782 - 1830

Ibiza receives the title of city, and the municipality of the Balearics is created.

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