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When to go to Mauritius? Plan your luxury trip

Written on : 08 March 2024
When to go to Mauritius? Plan your luxury trip

The beauty of Mauritius deserves to be known. The best time to visit this paradise island is simply whenever it suits you. Whatever the season, the island temperatures are pleasant, even in the water. Villanovo offers hand-picked luxury villas in Mauritius and an unparalleled concierge service that will meet all your expectations, both on the property and around the island.

When to travel to Mauritius? Weather, Climate & Temperatures

When to travel to Mauritius? Weather, Climate & Temperatures

What is the best weather in Mauritius?

Mauritius is an idyllic destination that experiences two seasons, the southern summer, from November to April, and the southern winter, from May to October. Regardless of the season, the island’s climate remains mild and so does the water temperature (between 23°C and 29°C).  The summer period is the hottest and wettest, with temperatures ranging from 27°C to 33°C. The lagoons are then at a perfect temperature. It is also the rainy season, but they are refreshing and punctual. It is the best time for diving or for big game fishing enthusiasts. The southern winter is a drier season, with average temperatures between 17°C and 25°C. This period is milder and more pleasant, even if windy. Winter is therefore preferred for surfers, who can enjoy the trade winds from June to August. No season will prevent you from enjoying your holidays, since the temperature is more than decent all year long thanks to a tropical climate. The only drawback, the cyclones of the southern summer, are very rare.

When is the best time to visit Mauritius?

If you nevertheless want to choose the best period to travel, from April to June and from September to December you will avoid the peaks of summer and winter. Mauritius is therefore the ideal luxury destination to celebrate Christmas or enjoy the holidays of All Saints or Easter.

What to do in Mauritius? By season

What to do in Mauritius? By season

Southern summer from November to April

Mauritius boasts a heavenly climate all year round, but the southern summer is a time when the temperature often exceeds 30° in the air and rarely drops below 27°C in the water. Immerse yourself in Mauritian culture during a local celebration, such as the Creole New Year or Mauritius Independence Day in March. You will then enjoy parades, shows and music that brighten and enchant the island. Summer is also the ideal time for golf, a visit to the famous Botanical garden, diving or swimming with dolphins. You can also opt for more luxurious services such as a private lunch on the sumptuous Deer Island or relax with massages. Feel free to contact our concierge service to organise your desired activities.

Southern winter from May to October

From May to October, temperatures are milder than in summer and the island is less invaded by tourists. Thanks to the south-east trade winds, conditions are ideal for kitesurfing and water activities such as windsurfing, especially in the eastern part of the island. Our concierge will be happy to book these experiences among many others.

All year round: enjoy Mauritius gastronomy

Your taste buds will be spoiled by the vast choice of flavors Mauritian gastronomy has to offer. Between Creole dishes, Indian specialties and the freshest fish and seafood, the island will reveal a wealth of gastronomic experiences, with unmissable dishes like fish curry or rougail sausage. You can also explore the markets to discover the flavors of local spices, fruits and vegetables. Finally, you could also taste the gems of Mauritian cuisine with a home-made meal prepared by an in-house chef

Villanovo in Mauritius: Exceptional stays and luxury concierge

Villanovo in Mauritius: Exceptional stays and luxury concierge

With Villanovo, leave for Mauritius in complete serenity for an exceptional stay with a dedicated concierge, in a magnificent carefully selected villa. Our catalogue of exclusive villas offers magnificent properties in Grand Bay, pretty villas in Belle Mare, or houses in Anahita facing Ile aux Cerfs, and a vast choice of on-site services. Once you have selected a villa, we will send you a detailed travel book to give you a taste of all the island has to offer. 

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