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Paros: the ideal postcard of the Cyclades

Written on : 07 February 2018
Paros: the island of the Cyclades that has it all

Paros: the island of the Cyclades that has it all

Paros is a Cycladic destination prized for the complementarity of the proposed activities. Everything is there: white cities with vibrant blue skies and seas, cultural sights, vibrant nightlife, breathtaking beaches, scuba diving and an island served by boat (daily shuttle to Athens) and by plane (airport between Voutakos and Ageria).

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Nature activities and sports on Paros

Nature activities and sports on Paros

Paros is a beautiful Greek island in the Cyclades; it is almost flat so you can ride by bike or scooter very easily, otherwise the public transport will serve the strategic places of the island. For athletes, Paros offers snorkelling and bottling (quite rare in Greece). Several schools for beginners are available.

Windsurfers are also in the spotlight and especially in the South of the island on the very windy beach of Golden Beach. Several sailing competitions are famous on the island. You will have the opportunity to practice sailing.

You can practice fishing here too (the tradition of the fishing island is still active).

Lefkes is a very pretty mountain village whose beauty will enhance your walk.

The beaches are numerous and very beautiful. More family friendly, Kolymbithres beach in the North of the island is splendid and very spaced. The others shape the perimeter of Paros: Piso Livadi (good tourist facilities and hotels), the large and small "Piperi" of Naoussa, the beach of Lymes, Santa Maria, Xifari, Lageri and the beautiful beach of Ampelas to the South.

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Gastronomy, cultural visits and nightlife

Gastronomy, cultural visits and nightlife

The wine of Paros is famous and it would be an outrage to leave the island without tasting it. Gastronomy is typical of the Cyclades (fish, olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables...) but you can enjoy international dishes very easily.

The nightlife is active everywhere in every city (bars, taverns...) but for the old lovers of the night, the capital Parikia gathers the discotheques of the island.

The places to visit are quite numerous, more often dense in Parikia: monasteries, churches, ancient port... Do not miss out of the capital: the monastery of Longobarda, the cave of Nymphs, the monastery of Christos, the city of Naoussa and the city of Marpissa.
Paros is an ideal destination if you still hesitate between the totally traditional and calm island and the hectic life of Mykonos. Everything is active: sport, visits, nightlife, beaches, and tradition.

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