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The Scandola nature reserve, a Corsican jewel

Written on : 22 July 2019

The Scandola nature reserve is one of the main reasons you should visit Corsica. Located in the northwest of the island, not far from Calvi, this nature reserve is both sea and land and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jewel of the Mediterranean and a true protected area of Corsica, you will fall in love with the landscapes of the Scandola reserve.

Almost 1700 hectares of dream landscapes

Almost 1700 hectares of dream landscapes

Accessible only by boat or by hiking, the site is one of the first to be classified both for its maritime and terrestrial richness: the site consists of more than 900 hectares of physical territory and 750 hectares of maritime territory. It is classified both for the beauty of its territories and for the wealth of its population. 
Located in the Gulf of Porto-Girolata, it is the only territory on French land classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to access it?

To get there, go to the Col de la Croix, then take the postman's path (previously used daily by a postman, who used to deliver to an outlying village). The trail is about 15 km long, with 350m of negative altitude difference, and 100m of positive altitude difference on the outward journey (and therefore the opposite on the return journey).

A place in danger

A place in danger

Due to the number of tourists arriving on the island each year, the authorities are concerned about the reserve, particularly the conservation of its fauna and flora. The site is endangered by tourists who do not take much care of their waste when boating, who dump their waste into the sea or get too close to coral reefs. It is also forbidden to swim in it.

As a result, some spaces have been placed in the "wilderness reserve" category, i.e. there is no permission to anchor, harvest or gather. In short, human intervention is kept to a minimum. In other areas, it is possible to hike or fish.


Fauna and flora

Fauna and flora

The Scandola Nature Reserve is one of the last places where you can admire the osprey, it has become the symbol of the reserve. This bird nests on the top of rocky peaks and lives with other species, such as eagles, cormorants or gulls.

A true lung of Corsica, the region is rich both for its terrestrial and underwater fauna. It contains many protected species, and more than 450 different algae have been identified. The Corsican scrubland is very dense, and there are several plants listed as endemic. 

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