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What to do Luang Prabang ?

Written on : 20 December 2018
By : Jeanne Ulhaq

In the north of Laos, the former capital of the province of Luang Prabang, which the city takes its name from, is an incredible source of culture. Just like the other countries in Asia, its traditions perpetuate the mystic reputation of the country. Despite a tumultuous historic past, Laos managed to stay an authentic country with strong human values. Its inhabitants have by the way the very good reputation to be part of the nicest populations in the world. If you want to live a unique experience in Asia, in the heart of a very cultural destination, why not try Luang Prabang? Unknown from general public, the city provides both an intimate setting and a city full of surprises to visit. Let’s go!

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Having a cruise on the Mekong

Having a cruise on the Mekong

Crossed by several rivieras, Laos is one of the numerous countries that is being traversed by the Mekong, one of the largest Asian rivers. If you enjoy cruising, why not try it on a traditional sampan? This typical junk of the country navigates on the Mekong all day long, for the greatest pleasure of Chinese boat lovers. Enjoy a relaxing break while admiring the surrounding landscapes. To see the show, what’s better than a ride at sunset time? The panorama of amazing colours will be grandiose. If you prefer to explore even more unusual landscapes, note it is also possible to head to the caves of Pak Ou, which host hundreds of buddhas. A very original experience not-to-be-missed! At last, know it is possible to go longer on the “slow boat”, which will bring you to Huay Xai, on the Thailandese borders in only two days!

See the Tak Bak

Do you know why Luang Prabang is called the city of dawn? This name has been given to the place because every morning takes place the Tak Bat, the early procession of the monks. Indeed, the later gave up on material possessions when they chose to dedicate their lives to spirituality. They thus only live with the donations of the population, who gives them gifts as a sign of gratitude. This daily ceremony distinguishes itself by its original process with a great harmony between the monks, who comes one after another to get cooked food from the hands of generous souls. A how you won’t forget!

Bathing in the waterfalls Tad Kuang Si or Tad Sae

If you love nature, then you should like this one! In Luang Prabang, two sumptuous waterfalls are famous: the one in Tad Kuang Si, and the one in Tad Sae. Let’s start with the first one. As soon as you’re allowed to penetrate in the national park, you will go through the Bear Rescue Center, which as its name indicates, aims to protect the black bears of Asia. Because the specie is threatened, the center provides a place without danger for these animals of impressive white mane. Animals passionate will thus enjoy to observe the bears, before going to the waterfalls. Absolutely stunning, the colours of the water and the greatness of the landscapes will convince you without a doubt. Looking alike the most beautiful oceans in the world, the water is of hypnotizing turquoise which will make you want to bath in, if only it was a little warmer…
Regarding Tad Sae waterfall, less accessible than the first one, it still remains the favourite one of the local. Indeed, this is where villagers head to refresh with family or friends during the week-end. But, besides the wonderful frame that the place promises, one of the main advantages lies in the proximity with the elephants sanctuary located only a few kilometers away. While the donations to the park are for the animal’s well being only, you still have the opportunity to be in direct contact with animals, or even to play with them! A dream coming true for most of the visitors of this authentic center which prioritizes the health of elephants before financial resources.

Doing shopping in the night market

Displays of traditional food, colourful fabrics, interior decorations, jewelry… the night market of Luang Prabang is a true show of colours, spices and heady scents. Between grilled fish, veggie noodles or coconut cakes, the greedy ones will be pleased! But not only: the market is also an opportunity for shoppers to find the rare piece that no one else will. Leather bags, vintage or traditional clothes, the night market provides the opportunity of all fashion lovers to stand out thanks to authentic items. And, if you don’t feel like buying that much, a simple night walk to admire the work of crafts on the stand will please you even more! Convinced?