Where to go on holiday in July?

Written on : 01 February 2018

5 destinations to go to in July

July is a good time to explore unknown lands or visit must-see destinations while enjoying the summer sun. In search of adventure, beaches or exquisite flavours, we have selected 5 to enjoy an unforgettable stay!


Authentic ancestral villages, sandy beaches and historical heritage, this country at the end of Europe seduces with its history, its flavours and its warm decorations. In July, the Portuguese backdrop will take you on a journey to discover treasures lost during the summer festivities. Get lost in the maze of alleys of Obidos at the pace of the medieval market and its minstrels and jousts that invade the streets or even more in Porto to feast among the dancers and traditional groups of folklore. In this beautiful romantic city, the great Aliados Avenue is the ideal place for a beautiful walk and will lead you to the famous Ribeira district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inland, the beauty of Portugal is reflected in wonderful food and landscapes. The tasty wines from the Haut-Douro lands, the delicious sweets and the delights of the sea translate a simple and tasty cuisine to share in natural settings. In a friendly atmosphere, in Sintra, Algarve or Lisbon, roam the paths in search of castles in the woods, secular monasteries and mysterious gardens.

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In summer, there is no better time than the dry season to discover Indonesia. With more than 17,000 islands, this Southeast Asian land offers landscapes like nowhere else. The harmony of heavenly beaches and dense vegetation with majestic volcanic mountains is the essence of this country: Java, Lombok, Sumatra or Bali, are a real call to travel with spots of greatness. Indeed, the Raja Ampat and Gili islands are the most famous for their beautiful white sand as well as their hot and turquoise sea with coral reefs, preserved with a breathtaking splendour. With a diversified marine life, the seabed is a small paradise for diving and other water activities. Otherwise, in the heart of unique temples and lost islands, diving into Indonesian culture with delectable dishes and traditional dances is easy. These magical excursions in wonderful countries will leave you inspired.

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The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is an ideal destination to satisfy your desires for sun and cultural discoveries. Between thousands of kilometres of beaches, volcanoes, nature reserves and archaeological ruins, it displays a rich cultural identity. More specifically, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, the Valley of the Temples is a true testimony of Greater Greece. In addition, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, it is easy to be entertained in Sicily. Water activities, walks in the beautiful cities with colourful streets in Taormina, Syracuse or Palermo, tastings of local products or traditional local festivals such as Festino de Sainte Rosalie in summer, you're spoiled for choice!

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Largest island of Greece, Crete is the ideal destination to combine beaches and cultural visits in a Mediterranean climate. In search of the remains of great civilisations in the middle of impressive mountain landscapes, you will come across incredible archaeological sites. Knossos, Phaistos or even the museum of Heraklion are major monuments of the Mediterranean. They are on the outskirts of traditional villages where monasteries and gorges draw a typical Cretan landscape. In addition, at this time of the year, the theatre and music festivals take the alleys of the old cities to promise you an exceptional show. Along the Venetian harbours, lined with cafes and restaurants, enjoy these enchanting arts in front of a sunset on the beautiful bays of the region.

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Summer is the best season to visit Iceland with its mild climate. The perpetual day allows you to venture into excursions to discover spectacular landscapes with nature in its raw state. Before the sun disappears completely under the horizon, discover natural sites that will be closed and inaccessible in the harshness of winter. The Golden Circle, the South Coast, the lava fields of Krafla or the Highlands, are all places not to be missed for activities of all kinds. Inland, a night in the heart of huts hidden among glaciers, volcanoes, forests, rivers and lakes promises you memorable moments. In total immersion in nature, the incredible glaciers are the perfect playground for those seeking adrenaline. A horseback ride, an exploration of caves or even watching the whales leave their breeding areas, a range of activities to dive into the heart of an extraordinary region!