Explore a new world and live like royalty

A luxury escape should be nothing less than a dream come true and our selection of castles available to rent will offer everything you could desire. Enjoy paradise with movie-like landscapes, elaborately designed gardens, fountains and infinity pools, as well as centuries-old castles with varying histories. From French Châteaux to Italian Castellos, discover traditional castles made for modern-day living.

A magical occasion for everyone

Our castles are perfect for hosting the most memorable weddings and events. Weddings would not be the same without capturing moments through photography. The plethora of spaces throughout these exciting destinations create the most amazing scenes for video and photo. And who says that a wedding is only for a day? Take your time and enjoy the countryside scenery for even longer with the whole family.

Immerse yourself into the world of sovereignty

Take the opportunity to rule over your experience by enjoying once in a lifetime activities. Enjoy wine tasting in the grand hall, explore local cuisine with cooking lessons in your master kitchen and even learn how to ride a noble steed. Once you are done, then take a dip in one of the pools or jacuzzis and reflect on your day in the life of a kind or queen.

Castle Rentals

Capacities of our prestigious homes