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Gastronomy in Croatia

A cultural crossroads open to both Central Europe and the Mediterranean basin, Croatia has inherited a varied gastronomic heritage. Each region thus has its specialties, influenced both by the richness of the terroir and the historical heritages.

Gastronomy in Croatia - Croatia

A strong Mediterranean identity in coastal regions

From Istria to Dalmatia, the cuisine of the Croatian coastal regions gives pride of place to fish and seafood specialties, and is influenced by the historical influences of the powerful Republic of Venice, Greece, and the 'Ottoman Empire. Preparations for white wine and olive oil are numerous, while the fish are made into stew or bouillabaisse.
In Istria, Italian proximity is noticeable through pasta recipes, following the example of fuzi, which is fresh rolled pasta. In Zadar, a typical meal begins with the tasting of a maraska liqueur, a cherry that grows in the area, followed by Pag cheese and the main dish made with fish, crabs or shellfish. In Kvarner, shrimps are the most popular.

A notable influence of Central Europe in the interior

In the direction of northern Croatia, the proximity of the former Austro-Hungarian empire is felt through a kitchen that uses a lot of vegetables, meats and dairy products. In the capital, Zagreb, it is usual to taste the gablec to appease your hunger. It is a set of fresh cheese, turkey gratin, doughnuts and pasta.
If you like pastries, you should definitely try Samabor's Kremsnita. It is a sort of custard slice with cream which is said to be able to give a smile and encouragement to celebrate. On the Slavonian side, charcuterie is honoured, notably ham and sausages spiced like the kulen. There is also a delicious stew of meat, called cobanac.
Throughout the country, meatballs and skewers inherited from the Ottomans enrich the taste experience. It is also usual to enjoy a Turkish coffee at the end of the meals.

A notable influence of Central Europe in the interior - Croatia

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