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Most beautiful national parks in Croatia

Known for its beaches, Croatia is also a great nature destination. Benefiting from a perfect location on the Adriatic coast, archipelagos and national parks are of rare wealth. Discover the most beautiful natural spaces in Croatia with Villanovo.

Plitvice lakes national park

Located half way between Zagreb and Zadar, the national park of Plitvice is the oldest in South Europe, and the largest in Croatia. Listed among UNESCO’s world heritage since 1979, the park has 16 large lakes, 92 waterfalls and a majestuous forest running over 296 km2. The later hosts Korana riviera as well as a various fauna, showing species such as the brown bear and the wolf. Nature lovers, do not miss this opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, which is visited by more than a million of visitors each year.

Plitvice lakes national park - Croatia

Brijuni archipelago

Also known as Brioni, the place gathers 14 islands of the Adriatic sea, located in the North West of Pula. While the Romans already decided to built luxury villas there at the time (and that you can still see today), the archipelago has a tumultuous history because of the diseases the people who lived there got. Today, Brioni are among the must-see in Croatia. With more than 274 km2 of roads and 14 islands spread on a total surface of 743 hectares, these are various and green landscapes that are waiting for you. Among the most visited islands in the archipelago, there is Veli Brijun, which you can visit on a day trip with a guide : a fulfilling experience in full nature, perfect for families.

The national park of Paklenica

More intimate, the national park of Paklenica runs over 95 lm2 only, but still attracts climbers from all overs the world who came for its impressive rock formations. Indeed located in the mountains of Velebit, close to Zadar, it is here that climbing lovers will find true happiness. Known for being difficult to climb, why not try the challenge? And, if you are not into sport, kow that the park is full of breathtaking landscapes. Velika and Paklenica canyons are some of the most interesting parts of the park, among others. Thus, sport lover or not, you will find in Paklenica the joy to be in full nature, surrounded by amazing landscapes, caves and rivieras of unique beauty. Not-to-be-missed!

The national park of Paklenica - Croatia

Kornati archipelago

In the middle of the Dalmatian coast, in the south of Zadar, the archipelago of Kornati is the densest in the Mediterranean. Also known to be one of the wildest, Kornati islands are also listed in Unesco’s world heritage. Set up in 1980, this national treasure is made up of 89 islands and runs over 220 km2. Desert and only accessible by boat, go on a day trip to explore these preserved places like a modern Robinson Crusoe! With more than 700 vegetal species and a various fauna, with rare birds, lizards and snakes, the archipelago is a corner of paradise for all those who love wild natures. Admire the turquoise of the water and enjoy this very special moment in groundbreaking lands to breath fresh air and have a real break with the ones you love.

Krka national park

Located along Krka riviera, in South Croatia, it is mostly for its7 waterfalls that the park got famous. Running over a surface of 109 km2, you will discover a part of this riviera, the Visovačko Jezero lake as well as numerous waterfalls, including Skradin falls, in an exceptional setting in the Croatian nature. Explore a various flora, enjoy the fragrance of the flowers and observe the local fauna in a peaceful environment, like if you were alone in the world. Often compared to Plitvice park, you won’t be disappointed by Krka, which promises a groundbreaking excursion which will reconnect you with nature for a moment.

Krka national park - Croatia

Risnjak national park

True pearl of the Adriatic, the national park of Risnjak is located in the Gorski Kotarn the most mountainous region of the country. In a green setting, treat yourself with numerous activities such as walking, hiking, trekking, biking and above all: meeting wild animals. As a perfect family trip, there is no doubt your kids will be happy with this unusual excursion in one of the most quiet environment where freedom is the only rule.

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