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What to do in Croatia? Activity Guide

A holiday in Croatia is simply a unique experience for families, couples or friends in a country that is incredibly rich in both natural and cultural heritage. So, if you plan to spend your holiday in a splendid villa in one of the most renowned cities of Croatia, here are some must-see activities to do during your holidays.

What to do in Croatia? Activity Guide - Croatia

Discovery of Croatian Culture

The first thing to do is obviously to go through the few famous towns of Croatia and soak up its culture through its gastronomy, its annual festivities, its cultural events and so on. As it stretches to the eastern extremity of the Alps, Croatia indeed hosts many cities, each with their own personality.
The towns bordering the Croatian coast are certainly some of the most beautiful municipalities in Croatia. The city centre, Split, is to be visited without hesitation. Built around the palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian towards the end of the 3rd century, the historical centre of Split reveals a Venetian architecture. The Cathedral, with its captivating view over the city and overlooking a courtyard dating back to the Roman Empire, and the Papalic Palace...are both architectural marvels to discover in Split.
As for Osijek and Sisak, these cities are certainly far from the coast, but they also shelter some historical relics that deserve the detour. These cities, with many ancient architectures, invite relaxation and also prepare for some interesting cultural events, such as the Tambura Music Festival in Osijek organised in the beautiful month of May.

Hiking in the countryside

Besides visiting the emblematic cities of Croatia, hiking is also part of the interesting activities to do in the country. Many are in parks that will enchant nature lovers, such as the Krka National Park which hosts the majestic falls of the Krka River. You will be amazed by the lush nature of this park, which reveals a magnificent landscape, especially on the side of the Visovac monastery standing alone on a small island between the waterfalls of Skradinski buk and those of Roŝki slap.
The park also houses some fortresses that you can admire as you go on a small family hike, such as the Nečven fortress built in the 5th century or Ključica, a Turkish fortress from the 14th century.

Hiking in the countryside - Croatia

The islands and beaches of Croatia

But a stay in Croatia would not be perfect if you do not have time to visit some of the islands along the Adriatic coast. Wild or inhabited, the islands of Croatia are particularly numerous and each have their own particularity.
Lovers of sailing and beautiful sandy beaches will quickly be perplexed by the island of Brač. A magnificent Adriatic island, certainly the biggest of all, it remains one of the favourite destinations for hikers, calm and water sports. Hvar, on the other hand, will delight history buffs who will enjoy their walk in the middle of a fabulous open-air museum.

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