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Islands of the Cyclades

These mountains scattered in the Aegean Sea, where vineyards, olive trees, whitewashed houses and mythological legends mingle, are one of the high places in Greece. Created by a trident stroke by Poseidon, the Cyclades archipelago groups together 24 islands with sublime villages and distinct customs.
Bathed in crystal clear water, enjoying sunshine almost all year round, this archipelago is proving to be a paradise destination for tourists looking for landscapes full of character and history.
What makes these island's successful is not only their beauty that is still present, but also their atmosphere, each different and unique. Thus, everyone can find the island of the Cyclades that corresponds to them. Villanovo have details on each of the islands that make up the Cyclades.

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Geographical location of the Cyclades Islands

The Central Cyclades

> Paros: Nautical sports lovers will find happiness on the island of Paros, where water sports events are often held. But it is not the only wealth of the island, because it also has sublime beaches and monasteries lost in the heart of the place. The island is also known for producing a marble with a unique colour, which served notably to create the famous Venus de Milo. So, expect to be amazed when you visit one of the largest islands of the Cyclades.

> Antiparos: just a few minutes by boat from Paros, "La Blonde", so called for the golden colour of its lands, is a must visit in the Cyclades if you plan to visit the island of Paros.
Do not hesitate to visit the sublime cave and the village "Le Kastro" in Antiparos. Authentic places, full of charm and tranquility contrary to the sonorous island of Paros.

> Amorgos: this is the favourite island of many people. In search of tranquility and wild landscapes, many visitors decide to stop over on this island far from the traditional routes of the Greek islands.
Long remained wild, the island was revealed in 1986 with the film "Le Grand Bleu". Since then, Amorgos is a place where the privileged people can meet, who can then enjoy solitary coves, villages with still marked traditions and a view of the steep cliffs that take your breath away.

> Naxos: it is the largest island of the Cyclades which confers a multitude of facets that you must discover! Beaches of fine sand, preserved nature, a mountainous hinterland, but also vestiges of previous civilisations that will make you discover the past of the island and all the fantastic mythology that is attached to it.

The Southern Cyclades

> Folegandros: long forsaken by tourists, this island has enjoyed a fulgurating success lately. With its mountains and its authentic village, it is one of the most atypical and beautiful islands of the Cyclades, far from the beaten track. You will find secluded coves, breathtaking mountain scenery and lots more to see for a chic and wild stay.

> Santorini: it is the emblem of the Greek islands, an inevitable during a stay in the heart of these sublime islands! With its white houses and recognisable domes among 1,000 that rise above the mountains and cliffs, the spectacle is extraordinary.
Some 3,500 years ago, part of this island was swallowed up in a volcanic eruption, and it is with nostalgia that one dares to imagine the stunning beauty of Santorini at that time. But this natural catastrophe has contributed to shaping the charm of the magnificent island of Santorini that we know today, with its cascades of white facades and blue roofs on the side of the cliff.

> Ios: Ios is the favourite island of inveterate revellers who are looking for a non-stop night in the heart of the Greek islands. A stay on this sublime Southern island promises a clever mixture of idyllic beaches but also of wild nights. In the more remote corners of the island, you will find trails that lead to solitary sites for a visit off the beaten path.

The Western Cyclades

> Sérifos: it offers its visitors villages and panoramas typical of the Cyclades. This island is fortunate to have been spared by mass tourism, which makes it a privileged destination for those who wish a unique stay away from the tourist hordes. Enjoy the rocky landscapes, high-rise villages, and solitary coves during your stay in a luxurious Cycladic style villa. Serifos is a destination that is exchanged in secret, to enjoy its charms before mass tourism swallows it in turn.

> Sifnos: this island is more frequented than its neighbour Sérifos, and offers a more diverse geography. Mountains, valleys, beaches, chapels and churches... there will be something for all tastes in Sifnos! Discover a unique landscape, worthy of a postcard, between the olive trees and the almond trees that perfume the atmosphere of a sweet quiet holiday scent. Do not hesitate to lose yourself on the bay of Kamares where you can learn the art of pottery while admiring the limpid water of the Mediterranean.

> Kéa: this island is renowned for being the most continental island of the Cyclades, yet you will hear only Greek on this piece of paradise.
It is also known as Tzia, and promises a guaranteed change of scenery. Many Athenians come to this city for a weekend to enjoy this idyllic and unique atmosphere.

> Milos: here is the house of the famous Venus de Milos, which proudly stands in the Louvre. Mixing the colour of the cliffs and turquoise water makes the view incredible. With its wild side, Milos has airs of postcard decor, with its fishing ports in garish colours.

> Kythnos: Kythnos is renowned for being a rural and quiet corner of the Cyclades. You will find a charming fishing port at the entrance of the island, which symbolises the close link between the sea and the inhabitants of this pretty island. You can enjoy the sublime pebble beaches and its few coves.
Chora is a must-see village in this city, with its authentic alleys that will leave you an indelible memory of the island and your stay in Greece.

The Northern Cyclades

> Mykonos: this island’s beauty is renowned throughout the world. A true star of the Greek islands, the island is now mainly dedicated to tourism. With its sparkling white houses, its famous windmills and its paradisiacal beaches, the perfect blend for an unforgettable stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Everything is possible in the heart of this Greek island: sunbathe on the most beautiful beaches, eat in delicious restaurants, test new water sports, enjoy a night without stopover, visit atypical neighbourhoods...

> Syros: the landscape of this island is quite different from the typical Cycladic landscapes, but it is nevertheless breathtaking. The heart of the city of Syros is located in the harbour, which is lively all year round. A formerly highly industrialised island, it offers its visitors many cultural places like the theatre. Add to this the coves often deserted because they have been kept a secret for a long time or even spaces preserved like Ano Meria and its nature as wild as sublime.

> Tinos: Tinos is known, above all, for the quality of its marble, but also for its very pious side. Indeed, tourists who come to stay in Tinos are not only on the island to enjoy its beautiful beaches, but also because the island is a high place of religious pilgrimage. You can also enjoy hiking between the different authentic villages of the island, to discover a charming hinterland.

> Andros: the geography and landscapes of Andros are undeniably sharp with the rest of the Cycladic islands. Indeed, rather hilly with fruit trees and vineyards, this city is more reminiscent of Southern Italy than Greece and its sublime islands. The houses with their roof tiles are not without confirming this impression of change of scenery. There are plenty of hiking trails for you to explore the island at your leisure.

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