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Not to be missed in the Cyclades

The Cycladic archipelago consists of many islands, which offer visitors a plethora of beautiful sights to see and activities to do. From a visit to the sumptuous monastery of Amorgos to the Chora of Mykonos without forgetting a visit of the ancient city of Delos... Villanovo have listed for you the not to be missed places during a stay on the islands of the Cyclades. Many of these activities are within walking distance of your luxury villa, for an even more enjoyable stay.

Visit the Marble Museum in Tinos

You can not soak up the Greek culture without visiting the Marble Museum. Indeed, Greece and mainly the Cyclades are famous for the production of marble. Thus, inside this museum, with superb location and architecture, you will discover the importance of Tinos in the history of marble makers in Greece, but also the process of the extraction of marble.
A visit that will delight the curious and the enthusiasts of culture!

Visit the Marble Museum in Tinos - Cyclades - Other islands

Visit the ancient city of Delos

You should know that this island is uninhabited because it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thus, this island museum can be visited only on a day by a ferry that leaves from Mykonos. In the past, this place was a very important religious and economic centre, so much so that it was thought that the other Cycladic islands were located all around Delos. It is also said that it is on this island that Apollo, God of Light (Delos in Greek) was born.
Delos consists of archaeological remains, so you will see wonders of ancient times no matter where you lay your gaze. Ruins of temples, statues, immense columns and a museum... a visit to this island is perfect for lovers of culture and history. You will find a mixture of Mycenaean, Persian, and Roman influences. Do not miss the lions' terrace as impressive as it is sumptuous.

Wander in the Chora of Mykonos

You will find in Mykonos a perfect example of Cycladic architecture, with houses and white alleys, contrasted with the blue of the water and the bougainvillea on the edge of the windows... a perfect postcard decor. Have fun counting the number of cupola churches or mills you encounter during your stroll!
If you are lucky, you may come across the famous mascot of the island, the pelican. The story goes that a pelican named Petros was found after a storm by a fisherman. The bird had remained on the island and had become the mascot of Mykonos. At his death, the inhabitants were so pained that they found another pelican in the memory of Petros. The pelicans live on the island and are accustomed to the travellers who do not tire of taking pictures of these local stars.

Wander in the Chora of Mykonos - Cyclades - Other islands

Admire Milos

We call Milos "the island with the colours" so the shades of the rocks that make up the island are coloured. Silver, gold, ivory, ocher... the contrast with the mirific water is all the more brilliant.
Do not hesitate to board a boat to discover the coasts of this volcanic island. For lovers of scuba diving, the caves formed by the cliffs will be an infinite playground for you. So put on your fins and go discover the treasures hidden at the bottom of the water.

Sightseeing in Santorini

This volcanic island was partially engulfed during a devastating eruption. One can only dare to imagine the beauty of the city at that time, but Santorini is still a breathtaking island today.
The villages of white houses so characteristic of Greece seem to have been delicately laid on the side of the cliff to create a magical and unique atmosphere.
To discover more about Santorini and get off the beaten track and the somewhat touristy city, you can also hike from Fira, the capital of the island and walk to the village of Oia. Thus, you can admire the beauty of this wild and abrupt landscape, which contrasts with the softness and purity of the city.

Sightseeing in Santorini - Cyclades - Other islands

Discover the white houses of Sifnos

Apollonia is the capital of Sifnos. There you will be impressed by the splendour of the houses that wind through the hills and rocks. Let yourself be amazed by the subtle touches of colour brought by the colourful roofs and the ancient Byzantine churches. You can also visit the neighbouring village of Artémonas.
Sifnos is the promise of a pleasant walk and the discovery of cities full of charm and character. Thus, you will see a more authentic destination, and less touristy than some islands of the Cyclades.

Relax in Amorgos

Amorgos is a charming island in the centre of the Cyclades, with a calm and peaceful atmosphere that many people love. With its wild landscapes, you will find one of the few isolated islands of the classic courses in the Cyclades.
Do not forget to visit the sublime monastery of Hozoviotissa which overlooks the island, as if to face the immensity of the Aegean Sea! One can presume that Amorgos was chosen to be one of the sets of the film "Le Grand Bleu" for its breathtaking beauty.

Relax in Amorgos - Cyclades - Other islands

Walking trail in Oia

If you want a challenge during your stay on the Cyclades, put on your trainers and do not hesitate to participate in the trail that takes place in Oia. You will be able to contemplate the hinterland of Santorini, off the beaten track, and enjoy incredible views.
Do not forget to take water and to protect your skin and your head because if you take this walk during the summer, you may get hot. Allow about 3 hours for this walk.

Enjoy the atmosphere of Paros

Here you will find the famous octopuses drying in the sun. You will find in this island a much less noisy atmosphere than Mykonos, with more tranquility and calm, although during the summer, the streets are very lively.
It is a town suitable for families or groups of friends who seek a relaxing holiday under the sun of the Greek islands.
To taste the flavours of Greece, head along the Parikia Walk to test the specialties of Paros. Many restaurants offer typical and succulent dishes. There are also some shops.
It seems impossible not to visit the neighbouring island of Paros: Antiparos. You can go there for a day to enjoy the sublime quiet beaches, for an afternoon of idleness. For the more sporty you will find there excellent spots to kitesurf.

Enjoy the atmosphere of Paros - Cyclades - Other islands

Have fun at the beach in Koufonisia

It is a real little paradise nestled in the hollow of the archipelago, it seems even more incredible that such a small island concentrates so many beaches and idyllic coves. This corner was once a den of pirates which gives this small island even more charm and character.

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BONUS: Rent a villa with Villanovo - Cyclades - Other islands

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