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What to do in Indonesia? Activity Guide

Indonesia fascinates by its lush nature, its thousand-year-old historical monuments, the authenticity of its culture and its mysteries which become legendary. It will take more than a lifetime to discover the secret treasures of its 17,500 islands, the most famous of which are Bali, Java, Lombok, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. A planned trip? Discover activities not to be missed.

What to do in Indonesia? Activity Guide - Indonesia


With its thousands of islands, Indonesia is a paradise for travellers who like to relax in the sun, enjoying the serenity of its coves and its golden beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. The baths are pleasant too.
You can choose to relax on the islands of Kariunjaw, still wild and lined with mangroves. Or why not go to Amed, a small village to the east of Bali, where after a few fathoms at sunset, you will see the glowing lights of the sun set on top of Agung volcano.
On the Gili Islands, you will be immersed in the lively atmosphere of the evenings. You will not find any motorised vehicle since the inhabitants move by horse-drawn carriage and by bicycle. The waters are extremely clear, allowing you to admire a coloured fauna. Sometimes, the turtles join the swimmers for an unforgettable aquatic round.
Much of the Indonesian coastline remains unknown and remains as a lost paradise.

Visiting the temples

Indonesia is the first Muslim country in the world, with 200 million practitioners, but it is also home to the Borobudur, the largest of all Buddhist temples. Built in the year 800AD in Central Java, it has gone through the centuries, keeping with its old stones its 720 stupas and 2,670 bas-reliefs. The surrounding scenery, blending a tropical jungle with verdant mountains, reinforces the picturesque side of the place. This site is the first tourist attraction of the country, with 2.5 million visitors per year.

Another spot not to miss, Mount Kawi! But, to visit it, you will need to walk ! Located in Bali, at hundreds of steps of a going-down stairway from where you’ll arrive, this temple constructed in the XI century in the east of Tampaksiring is in the middle of a luxurious vegetation behind the paddy fields. Dedicated to the king Wungsu and its wives, it is today a must-see of the island because of the serene atmosphere it provides.

In Tampaksiring, Tirta Empul temple is venerated for its holy waters which would purify both soul and bodies of the ones who bath in. Surrounded by a forest and with statues and basins lined with offerings to divinities, the temple will give you the opportunity to be around locals who came to pray. However, pay attention to respect the sanctity of the place that tourists sometimes tend to forget.

Considered as one of the most beautiful temples of Bali, why not visit Tanah Lot Temple? Discover this island at sunset time to fully enjoy the splendour of the natural site. Pilgrimage site very popular among tourists, it is one of the busiest temples, which could dissuade some. Nevertheless, proudly listed in the list of the temples of Bali’s sea, you would be wrong to miss it.  

Visiting the temples - Indonesia

An excursion to the animal parks

Nature lovers will be tempted by a stroll in the Bali Bird Park, surrounded by birds. The park contains nearly a thousand birds of 250 species flying in the middle of a tropical greenery.
In Taro, try a unique experience by meeting the elephants in the Elephant Safari Park. You can watch them snorkel in the lake or paint with their trunk. You will even be able to give them food and go for a ride on their backs. You will bring back from this place exceptional memories, including craft items and the vision of the true skeleton of a mammoth from Southeast Asia.
Other animals, both curious and endearing, are to be discovered at Alas Kedaton, the forest of the monkeys. Many macaques rub shoulders with giant bats, also known as warblers. Once their wings are deployed, they can measure up to one metre in length. Simply awesome!

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