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Useful expressions for a stay in Indonesia

Indonesia is an extraordinary destination with its own language. Thus, it is highly appreciated to know a few words of this charming language so that you can use them during your stay, and fully immerse yourself in the authentic Indonesian culture.

Useful expressions for a stay in Indonesia - Indonesia


Hello / Good evening: Selamat page / Selamat malam
Pardon: Maaf
Goodbye: Selamat tincal
Welcome: Datang Selamat
Thank you: Terima Kasih
No thanks: Tidak terima kasih
Excuse me: Permisi
My name is..: Nama saya...
Yes / No: Ya / Tidak


How much is it?: Berapa harganya?
It's too expensive!: Mahal!
Can you lower the price?: Dapat mengurangi harda?
Money: Uang


I would like to go..: Saya ingin pergi...
Plane: Pesawat terbang
Boat: Perahu
Train: Kereta api
Taxi: Taksi
Bus: Bus
Motorcycle: Sepeda motor
Car: Mobil
Cycling: Sepeda


Where is…?: Dimana...?
How to get to…?: Bagaimana until pergi ke...?
Bank: Bank
Station: Stasiun
City Centre: Pusat Kota
Hotel: Hotel
Left / Right: Belok kiri / kanan
North / South: Utara / Selatan
East / West: Adalah / Barat

Schedules / Dates and days

What time is it?: Jam berapa?
When?: Kapan?
Yesterday: Kemarin
Today: Hari Ini

At a restaurant

That was delicious!: Itu lezat
I am vegetarian: Saya vegetarian
I am allergic: Saya alergi
I would like...: Saya akan
Water: Air
Tea: Teh
Coffee: Kopi

Health and Security

Hospital: Rumah sakit
I need to see a doctor: Saya peru untuk melihat seorang dokter
I'm sick: saya sakit
Help: Menggunakan
Doctor: dokter
Pharmacy: apotik
Police: Polisi
Danger: Bahya
I'm lost: Saya teresat

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