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Did you know Indonesia?

You think you know everything about Indonesia? And no... it contains many mysteries you do not know about. You will be surprised!

Did you know Indonesia? - Indonesia

Impure Left Hand

In Bali, the left hand is designated as impure. Indeed, when you have to eat with your hands, it is frowned upon to do it with your left hand. So, do not eat with this hand, nor use it to take or give anything.

Bogor: the city of Rain

In the West Java Province, Bogor is the city with the most thunderstorms of any other point on the planet.


Muslim population

The vast majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim. It represents the largest population of the entire planet.

Active Volcanoes

The vast majority of active volcanoes in the world are in Indonesia. The most famous, between Java and Sumatra, is at the origin of the biggest eruptions that have ever taken place.

Endemic Animals

Indonesia is home to many endemic species such as Javan Rhino (a unique unicorn rhino in the world), the Komodo dragon (the largest lizard in the world).

Lake Toba

Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world, in Sumatra. Its formation took place more than 70,000 years ago with one of the largest explosive eruptions. This catastrophe has been the cause of many deaths.

The most fragrant flower on Earth

In Indonesia, we can find Amorphophallus titanum, the most fragrant plant on Earth that can reach up to 2 metres. Once flowered, it gives off a nauseous odour that spreads up to 1km away. Known as "devil's tongue", it was discovered in the tropical forest of Sumatra by botanist Odoardo Beccari.

The largest flower on Earth

Found in Indonesia, Rafflesia Arnoldi was discovered by British scientist J. Raffles and is now the largest flower in the world. It is a species of non-chlorophyllous parasitic plant. The largest known to date can reach 1 metre and weigh up to 11kg.


Little known to tourists, Torajas, who live in the west of the country, are an ethnic community with a majority of christians and with very unusual traditions. Indeed, in this island also known as the Land of Deaths, the custom is to keep the body of the deceased in the typical houses where all the family lives, until this latter reunited the money needed to organise the traditional ceremony, which can last for days.

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