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Gastronomy in Indonesia

Attracting more and more Western tourists, Indonesia shines by its enchanting environment, its sparkling culture and the hospitality of its inhabitants. Its gastronomy, close to the nature, is in the image of the alchemy that reigns in the archipelago.

Gastronomy in Indonesia - Indonesia

A unique and original gastronomy

Influenced by the culinary traditions of different regions and countries such as China, India, the Netherlands and the Middle East, Indonesian gastronomy brings together specialties so varied that all tourists staying in this archipelago can be sure to enjoy several dishes that are to their liking. The influence of Chinese cuisine is reflected among other things in the presence of recipes using the wok, while Indian inspiration is manifested mainly by the frequent use of curry to give certain dishes incomparable flavours. The skewers of meat called sate are derived from the famous kebabs of the Middle East.

Typical and popular dishes

The five most important ingredients of Indonesian gastronomy are rice, bananas, coconuts, soybeans and peanuts. Because of this, it is quite difficult to find a typical Indonesian specialty that does not use at least one of these five ingredients. Among the main dishes of this Southeast Asian destination is nasi goreng, a fried rice dish stir fried with vegetables, chicken and / or shrimp, then seasoned with sweet soy sauce. Goreng or bami goreng, made from fried yellow noodles with meat pieces, vegetables and various other ingredients, is also one of the most popular culinary specialties in the country.

Typical and popular dishes - Indonesia

A surprising but refined cuisine

Indonesians are fond of fruits and vegetables. The gado-gado vegetable salad, prepared with a peanut sauce, and the karedok salad, made with soy sprouts, remain popular, especially in small restaurants called warung. But if you were lucky enough to stay in a beautiful rental villa with cook / caterer, you can taste the succulent desserts such as the black rice cakes, bubur ketan hitam and the amazing gelatinous pastries kueh lapis, made from sticky rice, coconut and sugar.

Our best spots

Specialities in Bali:

Raja Bali Restaurant Nusadua: Excellent food and careful staff are what to expect in this authentic restaurant with affordable prices.

Kayumanis Resto Jimbaran : Delicious meals with interesting aesthetics, have a look at this traditional restaurant in Bali.

Warung Kelapa : In a heavenly environment on seaside, come try the specialties of this charming restaurant inspired from warung and very appreciated by locals.

Fine cuisine in Lombok:

The Lombok Lodge 'Flavors' Restaurant : The most gastronomic restaurant of the region invites you to discover its exotic flavours with a view on the bay.

Kemangi Bar & Kitchen : With a special decoration, this restaurant makes everybody agree thanks to its menu that combines indonesian and occidental cuisine. An exclusive experience!

SPICE Lounge Bar and Restaurant : Lounge restaurant with a seaview, the place masters the art of both cooking and making cocktails. Try it for a relaxing moment to savour with your friends.

Our best spots - Indonesia

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