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Gastronomy in Marrakech

In addition to being a country with a thousand colours and surprising traditions, Morocco has many tourist attractions. Its tasty and spicy cuisine is part of its most beautiful assets. Discover, in Marrakech, an absolutely exhilarating culinary culture that will make you want to know more. Taste these exquisite specialties and bring back various spices that will perfume your dishes at home.

Gastronomy in Marrakech - Marrakech

World-renowned cuisine

Gastronomic discovery is a great way to open yourself up to an exciting culture. This is good because the city of Marrakech has long talked about it for its cuisine. You will surely enjoy trying the main dishes that are popular all over the world.
A good amount of semolina, coloured vegetables, chickpeas, a drizzle of olive oil and all kinds of meat will come to garnish your dishes. A culinary delight seasoned with salt, pepper, ginger and saffron. You guessed it, this mixture of flavours and scents is called "couscous" and remains the representative dish of Marrakech.
Still in this spicy, perfumed and colourful note, tajine also holds an important place in the cuisine of Marrakech. Find here the same ingredients as in couscous with a few exceptions. The mixture of several spices makes the particularity of this stew. If you want to try to cook a Moroccan stew, use the traditional container called "tajine".
To complete this list of the main dishes of Marrakech, try the recipe of the delicious pastilla. This original Andalusian pie finds its place perfectly in Moroccan gastronomy as it is stuffed with almonds. You can eat it with chicken, pigeon, fish or seafood. You can even brush the stuffing with a little honey.

Desserts in the colours of Marrakech

Besides their unparalleled taste, these traditional Marrakech specialties are accompanied by dessert pastries. You will find, in Marrakech, cakes so tasty that your taste buds will not return!
Gazelle horn is one of the most popular pastry products. This oriental cake in the form of a crescent filled with almonds and scented with orange blossom gains many fans. The Makroud turns out to be an explosion of flavours for the taste buds. Exoticism will be at your fingertips with its dates, orange blossom and cinnamon.
In the list of pancakes, discover the fluffy Baghrir’s with the delicate taste of butter and honey. The Msemmen is another variety of crepe always adorned with butter, but this time scented with mint. To end with panache, do not miss to appreciate the Sellou made from almonds and grilled flour.

Desserts in the colours of Marrakech - Marrakech

Mint Tea

To conclude the gastronomy of Marrakech we can not ignore its refreshing traditional drink. Mint tea is the drink of hospitality but it has also become the national drink par excellence to which one lends digestive virtues after a meal of delicious dishes with spicy and exotic flavours.
Mint tea is traditionally consumed throughout the day and more or less sweet. Unlike cooking, made by women, tea is traditionally a man's business: prepared by the head of the family, it is served to the guest and it should not be refused.

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