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How to get to the Algarve

Situated in the Southern part of Portugal, the Algarve is a much loved tourist destination for visitors from all around the world and is therefore best reached by air to Faro Airport. It is possible to arrive by other means of transport including rail, road and by sea. Fares ultimately depend on the season and tend to be higher during the summer months. Villanovo can help you to organise transport to pick you up from the airport, just get in touch with us with your requirements.

How to get to the Algarve - Algarve

From the UK

From the United Kingdom, direct flights take around 2hours 40minutes from London. British Airways, Ryanair, Easyjet and Jet2 are just some of the airlines offering flights from the United Kingdom to Faro Airport. Direct return economy flights from London to Faro start from around £40 in November, but do depend on the airline and the season.

From the USA

From the United States of America, there are no direct flights to the Algarve, all destinations have at least 1 stop where you will have to catch a connecting flight. British Airways, Lufthansa and KLM all offer flights. Prices range from around $426 to $8,733 depending on which airline you fly with, the city you fly from and the time of year. From the USA a flight to Faro takes around 9 hours.

From Australia and New Zealand

There are no direct flights from Australia or New Zealand to Faro, Portugal. If you intend to travel from Australia or New Zealand you will have to get a connecting flight in either Europe or the Middle East. Cathay Pacific and Qantas operate via the Middle East, otherwise you can opt for a European airline such as British Airways or Lufthansa. Flights from Australia cost between AUS$1,028 and AUS$2,746. Flights from New Zealand cost between NZ$2,008 and NZ$2,831. Prices depend on the season, airline and departure city. From Australia a flight to Faro takes around 29 and a half hours. From New Zealand expect a flight time just over 29 and a half hours.

From South Africa

If you intend to travel from South Africa you will have to get a connecting flight as there are no direct routes. Airlines such as South African Airways, British Airways and Iberia offer flights from the country. Flights from South Africa cost between ZAR7,121 and ZAR12,781 depending on the time of year. A flight to Faro takes around 20 hours.

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